Transition between a natural and urban environment. Soccer stadium "El Plantío" by Israel Alba Estudio

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Project team
Main architect.- Israel Alba.
Engineering, Estudio de Ingeniería Civil, S.L.- Gonzalo Blanco and Jorge Gonzalez.
Collaborators Israel Alba studio.- Zina Petríková, Ana Martín and Javier Martínez. EIC collaborators.- Julián Bartolomé, Pedro Lastra, Angel Pérez, Miguel Elena, Miguel Blanco, Rodrigo García and Sandra Gómez. Model.- Carmen Sánchez. Facade Consulting.- Riventi Fachadas Structural, S.L. (Guillero Rilova). Facilities consulting.- Estudio de Ingeniería Civil, S.L. Structures Consulting.- Rubiera Prefabricados, S.A. (Fernando Peña). Geotechnical study.- Ceseco, S.A.
Grupo Herce, S.L.
Project date.- November 2017. Completion date.- September 2019.
Avda. del Arlanzón, s/n Burgos, Spain.

Israel Alba Ramis

Israel Alba Ramis is an architect and a lecturer at the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, at its Madrid campus. He heads a multidisciplinary firm of architecture, design and urbanism, headquartered in Madrid, based on a collaborative, multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary approach to architecture, design and urbanism. It deals with the contemporary city as a complex, variable phenomenon and embraces its continuous transformation as a positive, optimistic process. Through its operating platform WASTELAB, its architecture focuses on the issue of waste and possible solutions. It is involved in theoretical research and academic debate, whilst also applying its specialist know-how to the construction of large-scale facilities.



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