Untaggable: #City by Factory Fifteen

Untaggable: #City by Factory Fifteen
Hybrid city, city of cities [Nowness / Audi]
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#City by Factory Fifteen
Genre-blurring vocalist Gaika teams up with director collective Factory Fifteen for a dreamlike world tour of the urban experience. A dynamic study of four extraordinary cities is the latest film in Audi’s series exploring how the best things in life are impossible to define.

#City, by Factory Fifteen is a film that takes us on a global adventure through the urban experience. A dynamic and visual love letter to the city, the film interweaves moments of strength, individuality and self-expression. It invites you to experience life through the eyes of characters in four extraordinary cities: La Paz, Tokyo, London and New Orleans. #City stitches a hybrid metropolis, narrated by the evocative vocalist Gaika—known for taking London’s underground music scene by storm before being signed to Warp records in 2016—the film sees Kibwe Tavares and blurring what is familiar yet nuanced across any city by Jonathan Gales of south London-based director collective Factory Fifteen.

“Genre-blurring vocalist Gaika is known for taking London’s underground music scene by storm before being signed to Warp records in 2016”

Captured across continents, each moment is stitched to the next to create a hybrid metropolis t...read more

Directed by
Factory Fifteen: Jonathan Gales & Ki
bwe Tavares
Produced by
Fiona Lampty
DOP: Luke Jacobs Focus Puller: Tom McMa
hon Poem & Score: GAIKA Researcher: Ana Beltschewa Matte painter: Gerard Dunleavy Executive Producers: Anna Higgs and Gavin Humphries
Client Cliente
Nowness / Audi
Dates Fechas


Factory Fifteen are a UK based film and animation studio, led by directors Jonathan Gales, Paul Nicholls and KibweTavares. Their backgrounds range from architecture (all trained to Masterslevel), 3d visualisation, engineering, animation and photography. They translate this to a multi-disciplinary and distinctive approach to film making. 

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