A habitable sculpture. California House by GLUCK+

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Project team
Austin Anderson, Ross Galloway, Peter Gluck, Matthew Harmon, Narin Hagopian, Gonzalo Moran.
Civil and Structural Engineer.- Peck.
Geotechnical Engineer.- Schick Geotechnical.
Mechanical Engineer.- IBC Engineering Services, Inc.
CES Engineering.
Lighting Design.- Lux Populi.
Interior Design.- Insight Environmental Design.
Landscape Design.- Hoerr Schaudt.
Expeditor.- Kimberlina Whettam and Associates.
Size.- 670 sqm New Building.
Site Area.- 13,517 sqm.
November 2019.
Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles CA.

Peter L. Gluck , Thomas Gluck, Charlie Kaplan, Stacie Wong, Marc Gee. GLUCK+

GLUCK+ is an architecture studio founded by Peter L. Gluck in 1972, to which new partners have joined over the years, and currently has a team made up of Thomas Gluck, Charlie Kaplan, Stacie Wong, and Marc Gee.

Peter Gluck received a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University and a Master of Architecture from the Yale School of Art and Architecture in 1965. After designing a series of houses from New York to Newfoundland, he went to Tokyo to design large projects for a leading Japanese construction consortium. This experience influenced Gluck’s later work both in his knowledge of Japan’s traditional aesthetics and of its efficient modern methods of integrated construction and design.

Formerly Peter Gluck and Partners, the New York City-based firm has been designing and building throughout the country since 1972, joined in 1992 by ARCS, a construction-management firm, established to build the firm’s designs, and in 1997 by Aspen GK, Inc., a development partnership, founded to produce well-designed, high-quality speculative housing.

In 2013, the firm's identity evolved into GLUCK+ to reflect the nature of the practice: architects are involved in all aspects of the design, construction, and development of a project. Exhibitions of Gluck’s award-winning work have been held in the U.S. and Japan, and he is widely published in architectural journals around the world. He has taught at Columbia and Yale Schools of Architecture, and curated exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art and the Milan Triennale.



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