A shelter to pause the passage of time. House in Tuia by Castroferro Arquitectos

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Castroferro Arquitectos. Lead architects.- María G.Ferro, Jordi Castro.
Architects collaborators.- Joana Covelo Alonso, Jacobo Pérez Castiñeiras, Laura Vázquez Seoane, Ana Prada Rodriguez.
Quantity Survivor.- Jordán Romero Sobral.
August, 2023.
Bueu, Pontevedra, Spain.

María González Ferro, Jordi Castro Andrade. Castroferro Arquitectos

Castroferro Arquitectos is an architecture studio based in Vigo, founded by María González Ferro and Jordi Castro Andrade in 2005. The studio also has the following architects: Joana Covelo (ETSAC 2012), Jacobo Pérez (ETSAC 2012) and Laura Vázquez (ETSAC 2017), forming a stable part of the team.

María González Ferro is an architect from the ETSA Coruña in 2003 with a Master's Degree in "Urban Renovation and Rehabilitation" from the University of Santiago, she has the Postgraduate "Expert in Inspection, repair and maintenance of buildings" from the E.T.S.A. coruña. She studies Landscape at the Institute d'Architecture in Geneva and Masterclass Roc Flevoland at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam.

Jordi Castro Andrade graduated as an architect from ETSA Coruña in 2004 with doctoral courses in Theory and Composition at E.T.S.A. Coruña and Roc Flevoland Masterclass at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam.



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