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Dagmar Stepanova Studio Formafatal

Studio Formafatal was founded by architect Dagmar Štěpánová, and the team is now integrated by Dagmar, Jan, Martina, Katarina, Iveta, Dana, Anna, and Debora. The team of friends - architects, designers, and scenographers- focused on architecture, interior design, exhibition installation, and product design.

Dagmar Štěpánová graduated from the Faculty of Architecture - Czech Technical University in Prague. After twelve years of architecture practice, she founded her own studio Formafatal, which has existed for the fifth year. The architect carefully selected each member for her studio and claims that together they form amazing team. Formafatal is like a family to her.

8-member team of architects, scenographers and designers is currently working on several commercial and residential projects not only in Czech Republic, but across the world. Formafatal studio has already won several domestic and international awards for their projects.

Already during her studies, she loved the culture and architecture of South and Central America. The Art Villas project has made her dream come true and Dagmar is currently building a branch for her Formafatal studio in Costa Rica. “You need to have dreams and follow your goal. For me it means to do everything I can to deepen my experience, to work on myself and what fills me most”.

The individual approach for each project is based on mutual understanding with the client, enthusiasm, natural collaboration, and unified conceptual solutions. They solve projects complexly from creative concept to realization, with attention to detail.

Jan Skoupý, Zbyněk Ryška, Kamila Petráková. Refuel works

Refuel works, is an architecture firm established by the architects, Jan Skoupý, Zbyněk Ryška and Kamila Petráková. The studio is located in Prague, in Brno, Czech republic, EU.

Joaquin Alarcia + Federico Ferrer, Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos

Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos. Arquitecture studio founded by Joaquin Alarcia and Federico Ferrer Deheza in 2009. They have participated in various Provincial, National and International competitions, with various awards.

They have been awarded and exhibited at the BIAU 2014, BIAU 2016, BIAAR 2014, and BIAAR 2018. They obtained the ARQ-FADEA 2015 National Award, ARQ-FADEA 2018 and ARQ-FADEA 2018 National Gold Grand Prix. They have been nominated for Emerging Architecture MCHAP Award 2016. They received an honorable mention at YALA (Young Architects in Latin America) Venice Biennale 2018. Selected to represent their country at the BAL 2015 (Latin American Architecture Biennial). They were published in various print and digital media, both National and International.

They have given lectures at different universities, among them are UCC (Cba, Arg), UNC (Cba, Arg), UFLO (Bs.As., Arg), FADU-UBA (Bs.As., Arg), TIL UM Congress (Moron, Arg), UNS (Bahia Blanca, Arg.) UC (Mendoza, Arg), UCSF (Sta.Fe, Arg), TEC (San Jose, Costa Rica), ETSAUN (Pamplona, ​​Spain) and ETSAM (Madrid, Spain).

Joaquin Alarcia. Architect by the Catholic University of Córdoba (2005). He completed the Postgraduate in Architecture and Technology at UTDT (2006). He worked in partnership with ACP arquitectos (2005-2009). Vocal Member of Regional 1 of the College of Architects of Córdoba. Curator at the BIA-AR 2018. He founded the studio alarcia-ferrer arquitectos (2009) where he works until today.

Federico Ferrer Deheza. Architect by the Catholic University of Córdoba (2005). He completed the Postgraduate Architecture and Technology at UTDT (2006) and the Master in Architectural Design at UNAV (2010-2011). In the academic field, he is a visiting professor at the Master's in Architectural and Urban Design of the UNC and a professor of Interior Architecture at the UCC. He founded the studio alarcia-ferrer arquitectos (2009) where he works until today.


CADAVAL & SOLÀ-MORALES was founded in New York City in 2003 and moved to both Barcelona & Mexico City in 2005. The studio operates as a laboratory in which research and development are key elements of the design process. The objective of the firm is to create intelligent design solutions at many different scales, from large projects to small buildings, from objects to city fractions.

The studio has won numerous awards including the prestigious Bauwelt Prize (Munich 2009), the Young Architects Prize from the Catalan Institute of Architects (Barcelona 2008), the Design Vanguard Award (New York 2008), a Mention of Honor for Young Architects from the IX Spanish Architecture Biennale (Madrid 2007), The Silver Medal of the XI Mexican Architecture Biennale (Mexico 2010) and the Prize of the Ibero American Architecture Biennale (Cadiz 2012).

EDUARDO CADAVAL is a licensed architect with a BA from the National University of Mexico (with special honours) and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University.

He is associate professor of Urbanism at the Barcelona School of Architecture, ETSAB, UPC. Visiting Professor at University of Pennsylvania, and at Calgary University's Barcelona program. Eduardo was awarded with the National Council for the Arts Young Creators Awards, from the Mexican government.

CLARA SOLÁ-MORALES is a licensed architect with a degree in Architecture from the Barcelona's School of Architecture, ETSAB, UPC, and holds a Master in Architecture (MArch II) from Harvard University. She is an associate professor at the Barcelona School of Architecture, ETSAB, UPC.

She has been associate professor at the school of Architecture at the Rovira y Virgili University, as well as professor and Head of Graduate Studies at the Barcelona Institute of Architecture (BIArch).  She is a PhD candidate for the Barcelona School of Architecture, ETSAB, UPC.

Thomas Steimle, Christine Steimle. Steimle Architekten

Steimle Architekten,  is a architecture firm based in Stuttgart, Germany, founded by Thomas Steimle and Christine Steimle.

2017-07-20 Award "Beispielhaftes Bauen"
2017-07-28 Steimle Architects receives best architects 18 in Gold for E20!
2016-07-18 S3 Cityvilla - Nominee German Design Award!
2012-04-19 AIT Award 2012 Nomination
2012-11-22 Schöner Wohnen, House of the year
2012 2012-10-04 Callwey, House of the year
2012 2011-10-28 Hugo Häring Award, BDA 2011
2007-11-01 Schöner Wohnen, House of the year 2007

Luciano Kruk Arquitectos

Luciano Kruk was born on July 20, 1974, in Buenos Aires and in 2000 got a degree in Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, where he taught Project until 2009. Nowadays, he continues to develop his academic activity as Visiting Professor.  As such, he has been invited by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM-UPM); Iuav University of Venice; UNIVALI of Santa Catarina, in Brazil; USJT of São Paulo, in Brazil; and the Argentinian universities of San Martín (USAM), of Congreso (UC), in Mendoza, and of San Juan (UNSJ), where he conducted a post-graduate seminar.  He has also given seminars and lectures at different conference series in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Italy.

He is a member of the architectural advisory committee at the National Commission of University Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAU). He is also a member of the Jury of the Province of Buenos Aires Association of Architects (CAPBA) and has participated as evaluator in the 2013 Biennial held by the Association.

Between 2000 and 2012, Luciano was a partner at BAKarquitectos architecture office (Besonías-Almeida-Kruk), where his work gained much recognition: among other awards, he received First Prize for Individual Housing Project at the 2007 and 2009 Biennials held by CAPBA; the Special Prize Eduardo Sacrite presented by CAPBA in 2005; First Prize from Alucobond for Young Architecture in 2005; and the Great Prize at the CPAU/SCA Biennial in 2006.

In 2012 he founded Luciano Kruk arquitectos architectural office, where he has been carrying out numerous individual and collective housing projects.

In 2015, Luciano was chosen as a representative for Argentina in the 9th International Festival of Architecture and Urbanism “Architecture Week Prague 2015”, which took place in Prague, Check Republic. His works have been published in numerous specialized media both in Argentina and abroad, in different countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

He has been invited as professor at the following universities:
-Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM-UPM), ETSAM, 2016 -Iuav University of Venice, Italy, Workshop WAVE Cicle 2012. -USJT of São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2011) -National University of San Juan, Argentina (2013) -University Univalí, Santa Catarina, Brazil (2014). -University of San Martin, Argentina (2015).

He has lectured in the following cycles:
- Cycle Design Patagonia, 2007, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Neuquén. - Lecture Series 2007, Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism of Buenos Aires. - Pos seminar graduation USJT, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2011. - International Architecture Congress ARQEX, Merida, Mexico, 2014 - International Congress of Architecture, Mendoza, Argentina, 2015.

Outstanding Awards: - First Prize for Franz House (2012) in SCA “Sociedad Central de Arquitectos”, Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Prize for Architectural Planning for JD House (2011), Bienal of Architecture of Buenos Aires and Chamber of Architects, Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Architecture Award ARQ Argentina (2011) for House Cher, Mention in the category Smaller Scale. - Prize for Architecture, Planning, Research and Theory for “Beach House” (2009), Chamber of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. -Second Prize Competition “Architecture and Brick” for “Brick House,  XII BA09 International Biennial of Architecture in Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Third Honorable Mention for Concrete House (2008) XVI BAQ Arqutecture Biennial, Pan Quito, Ecuador. - First Biennial Prize for Architecture Planning, Research and Theory (2007) for Concrete House, Chamber of Architcts of the Province of Buenos Aires. - Grand Prix Biennial CPAU / SCA (2006) for “House Blue Sea” Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism of the City of Buenos Aires and Central Society of Architects. - Architecture Biennale Award Sacriste Planning, Research and Theory (2005) for “House Blue Sea” Chamber of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires. - First Young Architecture Prize in 2005, organized by Alucobond.

Outstanding exhibitions:
-The 9th Festival of Architecture and Urbanism ¨Architecture Week Prague 2015¨, Prague, Czech Republic - Display Recent Work Argentina for Concrete House, COAM Foundation (Colegio Oficial Arquitectos Madrid)  January 2011. Madrid, Spain. - XVII Pan American Biennial of Architecture of Quito, November 2010. “Beach House” and “US Building”. - Biennial Prize SCA / CPAU 2010, Malba, October 2010. ”Beach House”, ”US Building”. - IV International Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism "Habitat + Inclusion" Museum Complex of the City of Lujan, November 2009. - XII International Biennial of Architecture in Buenos Aires (XII BA09), September 2009. “Building US” , and “Blue Sea”. - XII Congress Arquisur, National University of Mar del Plata, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design, Mar del Plata, October 2008. Concrete House. - 11th International Venice Biennale of Architecture, September / November 2008. Concrete House. - XVI Pan American Biennial of Architecture of Quito, November 2008. Concrete House. - 7th Architecture Biennale in Sao Paulo in December 2007. Casa Mar Azul and Concrete House. - XI International Biennial of Architecture in Buenos Aires (XI BA07), September 2007. Concrete House, Casa Mar Azul and Casa Pilar.

Matthias BAUER

Matthias Bauer was graduated in Architecture in the University of Stuttgart (1992). He was Projact partner at O.M.A., Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam. Matthias Bauer was assistant professor at the University of Stuttgart and is currently visiting critic and lecturer at various architecture schools and international workshops.

MBA/S Associates formed by 15 member workforce team is lead by Matthias Bauer and 3 project leaders plus 10 architects, engineers, team-assistant and accountant. It was founded in Rotterdam in 1997.

MBA/S was nominated for the European Prize for Contemporary Architecture, Mies van der Rohe Award 2015. Also the studio was invited to exhibit at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016.

Shigeru Fuse fuse-atelier

Shigeru Fuse, architect by Musashino Art University, founded fuse-atelier in 2003. He teaches as a professor at Musashino Art university since 2004. Among his main awards sand out ‘architect forum award: encouragement award, 2010’ - House in TATEYAMA -, ‘JPAF award (department of small-scale architecture) of encouragement, 2011’ - House in TATEYAMA - and Architectural Institute of Japan ”work selection 2012” - House in TAKAHAMA -.


Pedro Domingos, was born in Lisbon in 1967. Degree in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of UTL, Lisbon in 1992. Collaborated with exclusivity with the architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça, between 1988 and 1997.

Constituted the partnership with Inês Lobo, between 1997 and 2002, where he developed several competitions, projects and works. Has is own studio since 2002. Taught at the University of Lusiada, between 1999 and 2007 and at University of Évora, between 2006 and 2012. Since 1997 his work is published and represented in various national and international exhibitions.

Has been appointed and distinguished in several juris and awards: Shortlist do Prémio Mies Van Der Rohe em 2017, finalista do FAD de Arquitectura em 2016, Finalista do Premio Nacional de Reabilitação Urbana em 2016, Prémio FAD de Arquitectura em 2013.


Manuel Rocha Aires Mateus. Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1963. Graduates as an architect in F.A./U.T.L., Lisbon Portugal in 1986. Collaboration with architect Gonçalo Byrne since 1983. Collaboration with architect Francisco Aires Mateus since 1988.

Teacher in Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, USA, in 2002 and 2005. Invited teacher in Fakulteta za Arhitekturo, Universa v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2003/2004. Teacher in Accademia di Architectura,Mendrízio, Switzerland, since 2001. Professor in Universidade Autónoma, Lisbon, since 1998. Professor in Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon, since 1997. Invited for several seminars and conferences in: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

Francisco Xavier Aires Mateus. Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1964. Graduates as an architect F.A./U.T.L., Lisbon Portugal in 1987. Collaboration with architect Gonçalo Byrne since 1983. Collaboration with architect Manuel Aires Mateus since 1988.

TEACHING. Visiting professor at Oslo School of Architecture, Oslo 2009. Teacher in Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, USA, in 2005. Teacher at Accademia di Architettura, Mendrisio, Università della Svizzera Italiana, since 2001. Professor at Universidade Autónoma in Lisbon since 1998. Invited Teacher for seminaries in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, England, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Chile, Brazil, USA, Slovenia, Croatia, Canada and Japan.

Kazunori Fujimoto. Kazunori Fujimoto Architects

Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates. Kazunori Fujimoto is born in Yamaguchi, Japan, 1967. Graduated from Waseda University, 1991, worked at Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, and NASCA. In 1998 established Kazunori Fujimoto Architects.

Award/Selection: 2005, AIJ Selected Architectural Designs. 2006,5th Hiroshima Culture & Architecture Award. Nichijiren Architectural Award. 2007, AIJ Selected Architectural Designs, Shizuoka Culture & Architecture Award. 2008, 12th Electric Housing Architecture Award, 6th Hiroshima Culture & Architecture Award. 2012, AIJ Selected Architectural Designs, 7th Hiroshima Culture & Architecture Award
Last Exhibitions.- 2017, Hiroshima Architect 2017/ TOTO Hiroshima. 2018, Neo-Bingo Architect/ Fukuyama Municipal Libraly.

Felipe Assadi. Felipe Assadi Arquitectos

Felipe Assadi is architect from Finis Terrae University 1996, and Master of Architecture from Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. In 1999 he received the 'Premio Promoción Joven' of the Association of Architects of Chile, awarded to the best architect under 35 of the country.

He has taught at several Chilean universities and other foreigners in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Colombia and USA. From 2011 he serves as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Finis Terrae University.

He has been invited to lecture in Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Argentina, USA, Italy and Spain. His work has been widely published in several countries in magazines like Wallpaper and Architectural Review in London, Arquitectura Viva and AV Monografías in Madrid, Architectural Record in NY, GA Tokyo, Domus and Casabella in Italy among others and in specialized books around the world.

He has participated in exhibitions in Barcelona, ​​Pamplona, ​​London, Quito, Tokyo and Santiago. His work has been developed in Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, United States, Ecuador and Colombia.

Nowadays he has four monographs, in Chile, Spain, Korea and Argentina.




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