4 sections. BS House by Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos

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Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos
 - Joaquin Alarcia + Federico Ferrer
Structural calculations.- Germán Sarboraria
Orange Obras Civiles - Diego Peppermans
450 m²
Project.- 2016. Construction.- 2016 - 2018

Las Delicias. Córdoba, Argentina

Joaquin Alarcia + Federico Ferrer, Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos

Alarcia Ferrer Arquitectos. Arquitecture studio founded by Joaquin Alarcia and Federico Ferrer Deheza in 2009. They have participated in various Provincial, National and International competitions, with various awards.

They have been awarded and exhibited at the BIAU 2014, BIAU 2016, BIAAR 2014, and BIAAR 2018. They obtained the ARQ-FADEA 2015 National Award, ARQ-FADEA 2018 and ARQ-FADEA 2018 National Gold Grand Prix. They have been nominated for Emerging Architecture MCHAP Award 2016. They received an honorable mention at YALA (Young Architects in Latin America) Venice Biennale 2018. Selected to represent their country at the BAL 2015 (Latin American Architecture Biennial). They were published in various print and digital media, both National and International.

They have given lectures at different universities, among them are UCC (Cba, Arg), UNC (Cba, Arg), UFLO (Bs.As., Arg), FADU-UBA (Bs.As., Arg), TIL UM Congress (Moron, Arg), UNS (Bahia Blanca, Arg.) UC (Mendoza, Arg), UCSF (Sta.Fe, Arg), TEC (San Jose, Costa Rica), ETSAUN (Pamplona, ​​Spain) and ETSAM (Madrid, Spain).

Joaquin Alarcia. Architect by the Catholic University of Córdoba (2005). He completed the Postgraduate in Architecture and Technology at UTDT (2006). He worked in partnership with ACP arquitectos (2005-2009). Vocal Member of Regional 1 of the College of Architects of Córdoba. Curator at the BIA-AR 2018. He founded the studio alarcia-ferrer arquitectos (2009) where he works until today.

Federico Ferrer Deheza. Architect by the Catholic University of Córdoba (2005). He completed the Postgraduate Architecture and Technology at UTDT (2006) and the Master in Architectural Design at UNAV (2010-2011). In the academic field, he is a visiting professor at the Master's in Architectural and Urban Design of the UNC and a professor of Interior Architecture at the UCC. He founded the studio alarcia-ferrer arquitectos (2009) where he works until today.



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