Approved Houston Botanic Garden master plan design by West 8

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Adriaan Geuze, Jamie Maslyn Larson, Alvaro Novas Filgueira, Claire Agre, Daniel Vasini, David Zielnicki, Emily Silber, Eugenio Da Rin, Eva Recio, Harrie Van Oorschot, Isaac Stein, Joost Koningen, Karsten Buchholz, Kurt Marsh, Lauren Micir, Maria Zaghi, Marine Manchon, Mario Accordino, Santiago Buendia, William DiBernardo.
Berg-Oliver, Clark Condon, Halford Busby, Lake Flato, Lord Cultural Resources, Pentagram, Site Works, Walter P Moore.
Houston Botanic Garden.

. WEST 8

West 8 is an award-winning international office for urban design and landscape architecture, founded in 1987 with offices in Rotterdam, New York and Belgium. Over the last three decades West 8 has established itself as a leading practice with an international team of 70 architects, urban designers, landscape architects and industrial engineers. West 8's New York office was established after winning an international design competition in 2007 for the design of Governors Island Park, today the office continues to work on high profile design projects across North America.

Adriaan Geuze is one of the founders of West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v., a leading urban design practice in Europe. Geuze attended the Agricultural University of Wageningen where he received a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture. After winning the prestigious Prix-de-Rome award in 1990, Geuze, with his office West 8 founded in 1987, established an enormous reputation on an international level with his unique approach to planning and design of the public environment. By founding the SLA Foundation (Surrealistic Landscape Architecture) in 1992, Geuze increased public awareness of his profession.



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