Architecture with capital "A". Holocaust Monument of Names by Daniel Libeskind

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Studio Libeskind. Architect.- Daniel Libeskind.
Architect of record.- Rijnboutt.
Project team
Team Studio Libeskind.- Stefan Blach, Johan van Lierop, Alex Tahinos, Amanda de Beaufort.
Team Rijnboutt: Bart van der Vossen, Richard Koek, David Philipsen, Jan Oudeman, Jordy van der Veen, Marcel Bakker, Margret van den Broek, Marian Enders, Max Both, Patrick Kolanczyk, Paul Beijeman, Petrouschka Thumann, Rob Korlaar.
Installations.- Swart installatietechniek.
Lighting Design.- Ulrike Brandi Licht.
Dutch Auschwitz Committee (project manager, Paul Rohlfs).
General contractor.- Koninklijke Woudenberg.
Construction.- IMd Raadgevend Ingenieurs.
Brickwork.- Rodruza.
Masonry work.- Metselwerk Adviesbureau Vekemans.
1,550 sqm. memorial.
Construction started in 2019. The project opened on September 19, 2021.
Holocaust Memorial & Dutch Theater (Jewish Cultural Quarter), Plantage Middenlaan 24, 1018 DE Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Supplier companies
Stainless steel.- AIP partners BV, ABT.
Engravings.- Reijnders Engraving and Laser Engineering B.V.
Installations.- Swart installatietechniek.
Semi Pavement.- ecoDynamic.
Trees.- Ebben Tree Nursery.
Beech Hedges.- Quick Hedge.
Awards Premios
Architectural Review Public Awards, shortlist, 2022.
Gouden Piramide 2022  (Golden Pyramid), nomination shortlist.
BNA Beste Gebouw van het Jaar (Best Building of the Year), Honorable mention, 2022.
Selected for Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook, 2022.
Arcam Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2022.

Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind, American architect of Polish-Jewish descent (Lodz, 1946). Son of Holocaust survivors, Libeskind emigrated with his family to America in 1964. He achieved renown as an architect with his designs for the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the master plan for the reconstruction of the site of the World Trade Center in New York. In May 2013 Libeskind was also appointed architect of a Holocaust memorial in Columbus, the capital of the American state of Ohio.

Libeskind’s studio has designed various museums and other cultural and public buildings all over the world. Libeskind himself has also held many academic positions, and he was the first holder of the Frank O. Gehry Chair at the University of Toronto. Among the numerous awards he has received is the Hiroshima Art Prize (2001) for artists who propagate international peace and understanding through their work. It was the first time the prize was awarded to an architect.

In 2011 Libeskind delivered the eighth Auschwitz Never Again Lecture in Amsterdam, and on that occasion he also received the Annetje Fels-Kupferschmidt Award, presented annually to an individual or organization for the exceptional way it has realized the goals of the Dutch Auschwitz Committee.




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