Atrapar la vida / Catching life, by Eugeni Forcano

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Eugeni Forcano borns in Barcelona in 1926, although his family originated and lives in Canet de Mar, a town in which he spends his childhood and youth, and where he set his first photo lab. In 1949 he joined the Fotogràfica Agrupació de Catalunya until 1960 but his dedication to photography is amateur. It is precisely this year when, following winning the summer photo contest held annually by the weekly Destino, decides to leave his job and pursue photography professionally. He starts by reports in black and white social aspect in Barcelona, ​​but soon runs throughout Catalunya seeking chronic reflect life in towns and cities.

Later makes forays into the world of fashion and advertising and by choice ends his career researching the color. His work has earned many awards, among them the City of Barcelona Photography Prize (1963 and 1976), the Gold Medal for Artistic Merit from the City of Barcelona (2009) and the Creu de Sant Jordi of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the National Photography Prize awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (2012).



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