A la Pata Coja: Photography through the eyes of Eduardo Arroyo

A la Pata Coja: Photography through the eyes of Eduardo Arroyo
La Fábrica [MAD] Spain
metalocus, JOSÉ FABERO
Jean-Pierre Maurain. Ballet, c. 1990. Photograph © Jean-Pierre Maurain
Athletes, balancers, models, dancers, boxers, bullfighters or musicians together with people in such everyday attitudes as walking, dancing, chatting or throwing themselves in the pool. All these characters, united by the fact of being with a foot suspended in the air, are the thread of "A la pata coja". Eduardo Arroyo Collection.

This book, edited by La Fábrica, accompanies the homonymous exhibition that can be visited until August 27 at the Museo Lázaro Galdiano, within the Official Section of PHotoESPAÑA 2017.

The work brings together more than 90 photographs belonging to the painter's private collection, and offers the opportunity to look at the photograph through his eyes. Eduardo Arroyo confesses a passion for photography, and gives with his collection a tribute to this art in which he has always looked as a source of inspiration.

As Fabienne di Rocco, curator of the exhibition, points out in the text that introduces the images of the book:

"Photography has always awaken the curiosity of artists, who cut it when it is reproduced in newspapers or magazines, or bought it on barite paper at the mercy of the markets, photography calls their attention, stimulates their reflection, nourishes their imagination."

Among the almost a hundred black and white photographs that the book contains, there are images of established photographers such as Cristóbal Hara or Ramón Masats, along with Studio pictures from photographers, others from news agencies or anonymous photographers, which Arroyo found in markets Or clipped from newspapers and magazines.
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