Cultural Centre Casal Balaguer in Palma de Mallorca

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Flores & Prats, Barcelona + Duch-Pizá, Palma.
Proyect team
Caterina Anastasia, Ankur Jain, Els van Meerbeek, Cristian Zanoni, Carlos Bedoya, Guido Fiszson, Ellen Halupczok, Julia Taubinguer, Paula Ávila, Nicolás Chara, Eugenia Troncoso, Israel Hernando, Hernán Barbalace, Benedikte Mikkelsen, Mar Garrido, Celia Carroll, Jorge Casajús, Juan Membrive, Oriol Valls, Tanja Dietsch, Sergi Madrid, Sergio Muiños, Lucas Wilson, Anna Reidy, Maria Amat Busquets, Fabrizia Cortellini, Veronica Baroni, Elvire Thouvenot, Carlotta Bonura, Francesca Tassi-Carboni.
Archaeological advisers.- Grupo Arqueotaller (Roser Pérez, Margalida Munar, Magdalena Salas).
Historical Research and Documentation.- Ma. Dolores Ladaria.
Analysis of materials.- Lend Consulting.
Structures.- Fernando Purroy.
Ayuntamiento de Palma.
Project date.- 1996 First partial project for the roof; 2001-2003 Second global project for the building.
Construction date.- 2009-2010 First phase; 2011-2013 Second phase; 2014 - Third phase under construction.
2,500 m².
Calle Unión 3, Palma de Mallorca. Spain.

Ricardo Flores y Eva Prats FLORES & PRATS

Flores & Prats is an architecture studio based in Barcelona. Established in 1998 by Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores, it is dedicated to confronting theory and academic practice with design and construction activity. The studio has been involved in several kinds of projects, especially for Public Administration through open competitions. These include residential and public buildings as well as public spaces, and also exhibition design and site-specific installations for major cultural institutions and museums such as Tàpies Foundation, Miró Foundation, and Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.



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