The Dark Line by Michèle & Miquel and da VISION DESIGN

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Michèle & Miquel. Lead architects.-  Michèle Orliac, Miquel Batlle.
Project team
Michèle & Miquel.- Jerôme Lanche, Maria Fandiño, Giovanna Bartholeschi, Jean Orliac, Grégoire Orliac, Denis Wanders.
Da Vision Design.- Jerry Chang, Ming-Hsien Llu, Lilian Chang.
Landscape architect.- Da Vision Design. Chung-Hsun Wu.
Lighting.- ARTEC 3 STUDIO.
Geotechnical engineering.- GEOLITHE engineering.
Structural engineering.- YU SHENG engineering consultants, elements structural engineering associates.
Tunnel structure consultant.- SINOTECH engineering consultants INC.
Electrical engineering.- YUAN DIAN engineering consultant.
Public Works Department, New Taipei City Government.
Dao Tian Construction Co., Ltd.
Distance.- 3 km.
Conception of the project.- 02.2019 > 04.2020.
Works.- 04.2020 > 03.2022.
Opening to the public.- 07.2022.
Taiwan, Sandiaoling - Ruifang District, New Taipei City. Republic of China.
TTC.- € 9,300,00.
LU Yu-Jui, Michèle & Miquel.

Architects Michèle and Miquel

Michèle & Miquel is an architecture urbanism and landscape atelier, based in Barcelona, Spain and Toulouse, Francia. It was founded in 1996 by Michèle Orliac and Miquel Batlle.

The team take part in the development of public spaces, urban facilities, strategic points, urban peculiar situations…etc. The philosophy of their work lies on the relationship between the city, architecture and nature, urban planning and landscape architecture and in the articulation of different scales: from territorial scale to the detail.

Throughout the professional life of the study many projects have been developed in different topics such as: Public spaces and urban facilities (Hortus wineries in Valflaunes, Wallon Marcadau refuge in the National park of Pyrenees, or the canopies in Vieux Boucau); Director plan of public spaces (Director plan beach in VIEUX BOUCAU in the Atlantic Ocean).

Many projects has been recognised at national and international awards:
First prize in the FAD 2017 award, international category with the project Le Jardin NIEL in TOULOUSE, France.
Selected in the international Mies van der Rohe 2017 award with the project Winery in Montpellier, France.
First prize in the FAD 2011 award, landscape and city category, with de project Aigües Park in Figueres, Spain.
First prize in the Trophées de l’aménagement Urbain award three times: at Pams Port street in Vendres, France ; at the ARLES SUR TECH square, France ; and in the fairground in Treffort, France.



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