Entry for Piazza Castello’s Competition by Torricelli, Castiglioni, Georgi, Comi and Sortino

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Project lead
Angelo Torricelli, Carlo Castiglioni, Julia Georgi, Giovanni Comi and Gianluca Sortino
Edoardo Bernasconi, Elisa Prusicki, Annachiara Stanga
Lighting.-Enrico Caprotti Economic management.- Marco Robecchi Massimo Mazzone
September 2016 - January 2017
Comune di Milano

Angelo Torricelli

Angelo Torricelli. He graduated in Architecture in 1969 from Milan Polytechnic. He is professor of Architectural Composition and head of the School of Civic Architecture at Milan Polytechnic. He is currently coordinator of an Architectural Design Studio for the post-graduate degree in Architecture and runs the course in Theories in Contemporary Architecture. Since 2011 he has been head of the Architecture Board at Milan Polytechnic.

He has also taught at the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo and in the summer workshops in Architectural Planning at the Iuav University in Venice. He has been visiting professor at international Seminars on architecture and city planning in Bergamo, Parma, Salsomaggiore Terme, Vigevano; at the international Seminar on museography at the Villa Adriana and in the specialist course “Culture of the project in an archaeological context” at the Rome Three University; in international architecture workshops in Naples, Athens, Alexandria and Beirut.

He has contributed to numerous periodicals including «Casabella», «Hinterland», «Edilizia Popolare», «Aión», «Il Disegno di Architettura», «Ananke». From 1982 to 1983 he was in charge of the magazine «AL. Architetti Lombardi». Since 2008 he has been chief editor of the magazine «Architettura Civile». In addition he is a member of the editorial committees of serial publications by Aión of Florence, Araba Fenice of Cuneo, Libraccio of Milan.

He has headed up studies and projects on a number of archaeological sites in Milan, Cremona, Mantua, Phlegraean Fields, Venice, Syracuse, Sicily, Athens, Alexandria, Beirut, Hadrian's Villa, Istanbul and Huyang. He has been responsible of national research on the architecture of urban and metropolitan functions: La città d’autore. Milano e alcune città padane (1987); Aggiornamento tipologico e costruttivo dell’edilizia residenziale in Lombardia (2004-2007).

Since 1972 he has been actively involved in Milan on architectural projects; in 2004 he set up Torricelli Associati with Mariateresa Rampi and, from 2010, Carlotta Torricelli. He has produced projects for competitions and public and private commissions. His urban projects include: the Garibaldi-Repubblica area in Milan (1991); the reconversion of the barracks and the military installations in Baggio (1993); the Eco Centre in Ispra (1994); the hotel, residential and cultural hub for the Fair of Milan at Pantanedo in Rho (1995); the redevelopment of piazza Bagolino and piazza della Repubblica in Alcamo (1996); the project for a new Christian ecumenical centre in Bari Punta Perotti, 2006.

In 2004 he received a special mention by the jury at the “Darsena” international design competition; in 2005 he won the special competition (which was by invitation only) for the new parochial complex at Tre Ronchetti in Milan and the 2009 competition of ideas for the “Recupero e valorizzazione storico-urbanistico-ambientale della Piazza del Duomo di Cerignola”; the project was mentioned in the international design competition of Social Housing “Il borgo sostenibile – Milano Figino” (2009); his plans were selected for the international competition of ideas for the conversion to housing of the “Serafino Gnutti” former barracks in Brescia (2013).

He has won plaudits and prizes for his projects, including the 11th ADI Gold Calipers (1979); the selection of the IN/Arch in the context of the “Rassegna critica delle opere di architettura in Lombardia” (1983); special mention in the “Marble Architectural Awards Italy” (1988); the selection for the international Exhibition of architecture at the Venice Biennale (2006); the special Prize for Architecture in Capitanata (edition 2010).

Among the completed works of special note are the schools of Lumezzane (1973–79) and Cesano Boscone (1978-79); Parco Lodi in Settimo Milanese (1983–87); the subsidised housing developments in Legnano (1992-95) and Cerignola Cerignola (1997-2000); the Campari factories at Bussolengo (1985–87), Cinisello Balsamo, (1986–87) and Osimo (1988–91); the council chamber and public square of Villa Marazzi at Cesano Boscone (1996–99); the recovery and completion of the school complex of Villa Ducale(1997-2001), the new buildings for social housing and services for the Contratto di Quartiere "San Samuele" (1998-2006) and the Urban Center of Cerignola (2004–11); the school complex "A. Manzoni" in Monteleone di Puglia (2006-09) and the villas in Vanzago (1999-2002) and on the Ponente Riviera (2006-11).

His plans have been shown in numerous exhibitions and conferences in Italy and abroad: at the National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan (1995 and 1999); at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture (1996, 2005 and 2009); at the Milan Triennale (1973, 1979, 1995 and 2003); at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto (2003); at the Festival of Architecture at Parma (2004 and 2010); at the Venice Biennale (2006); at the University of Granada (2009); at the Iuav University in Venice (2009); at the Urban Center in Milan (2010 and 2013); in Cittadella (Padua) and Bari (2011); in Tokyo (2011); at the Italian Institute of Culture in Athens (2012).

Completed works and plans have been published in Italian and foreign books and specialist periodicals. Gianni Accasto, Marcella Aprile, Marco Biraghi, Federico Bucci, Enrico Bordogna, Guido Canella, Francisco Cellini, Francisco Collotti, Ernesto D' Alfonso, Emilios Faroldi, Giovanni Klaus Koenig, Francisco Menegatti, Luca Molinari, Raffaella, Mario Pisani, Cesar Piva, Manfred Tafuri, and Virgilio Vercelloni, are some of those who have written about him.


Massimo Mazzone, (Marino, Rome, 1967) sculptor, numerous exhibitions in Europe and beyond, a member of the group of artists complot s.y.s.tem, and a professor of sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He has organized several groups to work between art and architecture. Among his recent performances, projects, proposal and publications:

    •    Ex Polis
    •    11. Biennale Venezia
    •    Edifici concettuali
    ◦    Post Lauream
    ◦    Città
    •    La Penisola degli Agnelli
    •    10. Biennale Venezia
    •    Lezioni di pittura
    •    Ex Mattatoio
    •    Piazza Shopping Centre
    •    Worker Bee Cemetery
    •    Triennale Milano
    •    Casa dell'Architettura
    •    Fass Gallery
    •    L'altra Roma
    •    Torretta Valadier

WORKS by Complot s.y.s.tem



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