Extension of the Tennis Club. Maurice Darbellay Room by Atelier Régis Roudil Architectes

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Atelier Régis Roudil Architectes. Lead architect.- Amélie Artur.
Control Office.- Alpes contrôles, SPS, Bruno Guilbot.
Geotechnical engineer.- ERG.
Economist.- I2C.
BET Structure.- PLB.
BET Fluids.- B2C.
Town hall of Coudoux.
Alp Construction, Provençale pmg, Exe bois, Ets noel series, Menuiserie bouze, JLA, Jourdain, RC climatisation, EGBTI, Guintoli.
Complete mission + OPC. Architect's representative.
85 sqm floor area + 80 sqm.
Study.- May 2020.
Work.- September 2021.
Delivery.- June 2023.
Allée du stade, 13111 Coudoux, France.
€512,000 without VAT.

Régis Roudil. Régis Roudil Architectes

Régis Roudil Architectes, (August 20th 1985) is a French architecture studio founded by Régis Roudil, who graduated in 2008 from the Marseille School of Architecture, with the congratulations of the jury. After graduation, he headed for Nice, working in various studios in the city, including Atelier Comte et Vollenweider and Atelier Barani.

In 2013 she founded the Atelier Régis Roudil Architectes in Aix en Provence with public and private projects of different scales in areas such as architecture, urbanism, scenography, rehabilitation and interior design. At the same time and since 2014, he works as a temporary and contract professor at the Marseille School of Architecture. In 2017, he is co-founder of the KHORA collective (with EGR, Ivry Serres and Thibault Maupoint de Vandeul) which organizes an annual itinerant architecture seminar within the metropolis of Marseille, on the theme "the landscape of the city".

2022 Lauréat du prix d'A (GIG).
2022 Nomination au prix de l'Equerre d'Argent - catégorie Culture, Jeunesse et Sport (ALM).
2022 Nomination au prix d'A (ALM).
2022 Lauréat 1er prix régional construction bois Fibois Nouvelle Aquitaine (CAP).
2022 Finaliste prix national construction bois (CAP).
2022 Finaliste Trophée de la contruction - catégorie Logements collectifs (GIG).
2021 Nomination au prix AMO (ALL).
2021 Lauréat prix Archicote, catégorie Logements collectifs (GDH).
2019 Lauréat 40 under 40.
2018 Lauréat AJAP 2018.
2015 Lauréat prix de la première œuvre AMC Le Moniteur (LDR).
2015 Lauréat 1er prix régional construction bois Fibois Rhone Alpes (LDR).
2015 Lauréat 2e prix national construction bois Fibois (LDR).



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