Gateway to a new industry. Idilia Chocolate Factory by Arquid

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11,700 sqm.
Precast concrete.- Hormipresa. Glass.- Arlex.
€ 18 million.
Construction time.- 27 months.
Tarragona, Spain

Juan Juárez, Begoña Soto, Juan Sánchez. Arquid

Arquid is a professional firm dedicated to Architecture in all its phases: from the first design to the end of the construction, as well as to the research related to these areas. They offer designs and solutions that are both creative and feasible.

They are a young and flexible team, with architects with international experience in various sectors thanks to their technical and linguistic skills of at least three languages. Their team is dedicated to the preparation and realization of unique architecture projects, each one of them custom developed and following their creative process and methodology, which involves the entire team.

The collaboration between Arquid and Group-IPS is the perfect synergy that contributes to working with a wide variety of clients and projects of different scales, implementing the latest technologies.

Over the years, this combination of conceptual (architecture) and analytical (engineering) thinking has enriched both parties, allowing Arquid to offer high-quality architecture that uses the exhaustive method of Project Management as added value.

Their projects are the result of a bond that makes each project unique: a process of thought and experimentation that covers any need that may arise during the process. In this way, Arquid manages to reinvent itself every time a change is needed.
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