From Grain ship to Center for multiple uses: The 3rd of Senpa by LiquenLAV

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Valentín Sanz
Quantity surveyor
Rubén Martínez
La Ermita Street. Almenar de Soria, Soria. Spain
Date of finishing
May 2015
Almenar de Soria City Council
Building company
Construcciones y Obras Públicas Numantinas (CYONA)
Budget of material execution
63.750 €
Cost per sqm
150 € / sqm
425 sqm

Valentín Sanz LiquenLAV

LiquenLAV is an architecture and design practice founded in 2009 by architect Valentin Sanz. It is characterized by its simple design objects where the user and function are the protagonists. It is precisely through them that the study has recently gain in popularity, participating in several fairs and exhibitions among which 'Product Design Madrid' or 'Milan Design Week' are to be mentioned.

Valentín Sanz
Valentín Sanz is an architect by the European University of Madrid, where he finished his studies in 2009, the same year in which he created LiquenLAV , a practice / workshop where all kinds of work are developed, from graphic design to architectural projects.
He has also worked in other offices in Madrid as well as participated in competitions together with other youth studies with similar architectural approaches to his. Productions on industrial design and furniture have always accompanied him, although they were sporadicall until starting self-producing them through liquenLAV.



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