Guillermo Rodríguez winner of the New Talent Fnac Photography Award

Guillermo Rodríguez winner of the New Talent Fnac Photography Award
Fnac [MAD] Spain
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Notas serie, por Guillermo Rodríguez. Imagen cortesía de Fnac
Guillermo Rodríguez has been the winner of the contest convened by Fnac under the name of "New Talent Fnac Photography Award".
The 16th edition of the New Talent Fnac Photography Award has already a winner. Guillermo Rodríguez (Madrid, 1981) has been awarded the prize for his series 'Notas', delivered in Fnac Callao, Madrid.'Notas' is a visual game between two cities: Mexico DF - where the author lived a season - and Madrid, his hometown. In the words of the jury: This work has great control of light, remarkable handling of color,  is full of contrasts, which maintain a high level throughout his speech.
The images will be displayed in several Fnac stores for a year and the photographer will receive a cash prize of 3,000 euros.

Alfonso Almendros (Petrer, Alicante, 1981) receives an honorable mention for 'To name a mountain’.

The Jury, formed by Jokin Aspuru, director of the Getxophoto Festival; Blanca Berlin, director of the Blanca Berlin Gallery and Joan Alvado , a photograph winner of the New more


Guillermo Rodríguez. Madrid, 1981. His wandering life has always been full of searching and has always been marked by a strong need to take a refuge in the Nature on one hand, and by an attraction towards the chaos of urban spaces. These are the two principle factors which have molded his perception of the world and his photography.

After leaving Madrid Professional School more