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Lluís Comerón Graupera

Lluís Comerón Graupera, (1960, Mataro - January 25, 2022, Madrid) president of the Superior Council of the Associations of Architects of Spain (CSCAE). Architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB), he was an associate professor at the ETSAB and co-director at the Escuela del Vallés (ETSAV).

He developed a diverse professional practice in his architecture studio, both for public administrations and the private sector. In the public sphere, he highlighted his development of school, health, penitentiary, cultural and public space equipment projects.

Lluís Comerón generously combined his professional practice with various collegiate positions in defense of Architecture and the work of architects. He was president of the Barcelona branch of the Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (2006-2010) and dean of said institution (2010-2018). In addition, he was president of the Institut Técnic de l'Edificació de Catalunya-ITeC and vice president of the Professional Union.

In his first term of the CSCAE, between 2018 and 2021, he promoted the renewal of the Superior Council, leading the response of architects to the new challenges that society demands of Architecture and Urban Planning to transform our cities and territories. . Especially concerned about global warming, the difficulty of access to housing, the adaptation of the building stock in Spain to the standards set by Europe and the improvement of people's quality of life.

During his presidency, he promoted the creation of the CSCAE 2030 Observatory, the first permanent sectoral working group for the joint search for solutions to the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals among all agents in the building sector.

Under his mandate, the CSCAE candidacy achieved the celebration in Madrid of the UIA 2022 International Forum on decent and adequate housing; as well as the celebration of the UIA Congress in 2026, declaring Barcelona world capital of Architecture.

During the health crisis resulting from the Covid19 pandemic, Lluís Comerón led the sector's response, developing various support actions for architects, in dialogue with MITMA and other political, social and professional agents, sending a battery of proposals to reactivate the construction sector, collected and materialized in the aid programs of the Next Generation European Funds.

With the Colleges of Architects, he favored the signing in Spain of the Davos Declaration in defense of the Baukultur for the quality of the built environment. Actions that have been complemented with the adherence of the CSCAE and the Colleges of Architects to the project of the New European Bauhaus.

He worked for the recognition of Architecture as a good of general interest, supporting the development of the Architecture Quality Law, approved as a bill in the Council of Ministers and currently in parliamentary proceedings.

In his recently started second term, the president of the council faced with illusion and enthusiasm the continuity of various projects, highlighting the creation of the Network of Rehabilitation Support Offices (RedOAR) of the Colleges of Architects.
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