"Lotte am Bauhaus", a film about women in the Bauhaus

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Original title
Lotte am Bauhaus
Gregor Schnitzler.
Country and year of production
Alemania, 2019.
Movie lenght
105 minutes.
Jan Braren.
Photography director
Christian Stangassinger.
Alicia von Rittberg, Noah Saavedra, Jörg Hartmann, Nina Gummich, Marie Hacke.

Alma Siedhoff-Buscher

Alma Siedhoff-Buscher (Kreuztal, Germany, January 4, 1899 - Buschlag, Germany, September 25, 1944), German designer. In 1917 she began her design studies at the Reimann School in Berlin and later entered the University of Berlin. In 1922, she began studying at the Bauhaus school in Weimar (Germany) in the weaving workshop with Georg Muche and Helene Börner.

In 1923 she switched to the workshop of wooden sculpture under the direction of Muche and Josef Hartwig, where she was to find his true vocation. In that same year he designed furniture, puppets and toys for children. These toys allowed children to imitate while developing their own creativity. Two of his most outstanding works was Kleine Schiffbauspiel ("Small boat building game") consisting of 32 colored wooden pieces and Große Schiffbauspiel, with 39 pieces.

While still a student in 1924, she made all the furniture of Zeiss Kindergarten in Jena (German University City). In this same year, her designs were shown at the exhibition Youth Welfare in Thuringia held in Weimar. In 1926, her works were exhibited in the exhibition The Hoy in Nuremberg.

In 1927 she graduated from the Bauhaus. She was an innovative artist, focused on the designs of toys and furniture for day care centers, schools and homes. She endowed her works with an educational character through play and the environment.

On January 4, 1944, she was killed in an air attack of World War II in Buchschlag (Germany).



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