MIGUEL DE GUZMÁN. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture

MIGUEL DE GUZMÁN. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture
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Shadow area and Garden for Children's Games, Eduardo Navadijos Martí y Csaba Tarsoly, Madrid, 09/2008. Photography © Miguel de Guzmán
Miguel de Guzmán is our sixth presentation. Having studied architecture in Madrid, he started in professional photography almost at the same time as in the practice of architecture. The last years of the 20th century and the beginning of the new century is a period immersed in an evident technological change. The new ways of capturing and sharing images changed and we attended an accelerated transformation process in the world of photography.

It was a much more closed world than the present one, only a few chosen ones could relate to the mainstream media at the time. I've told it many times, we also emerged ourselves at that time of necessary change in which the ways of telling architecture needed to change and refresh the spreading of architecture.

Miguel de Guzmán was one of those photographers who started their work in a time of change, combining analog and digital instruments, a combination in which the "purists" of the moment (all periods and human activities have their own purists), anchored in the virtuoso skill of the art, resisted to introduce changes. Technological possibilities actually accelerated the possibility of shooting and this resulted in the possibility of showing architecture differently. The time spent for framing, light, composition... changed. Taking a picture turned from being an extremely expensive act, often determined by the expensive material used, to focussing on the process of what is being photographed.

The possibility of taking almost endless shoots opened a new spectrum of possibilities. The silent dialogue between the photographer and what he sees is democratized, it becomes a space of mutual interaction, where the photographer can create architecture narratives. The quality standards needed to ph...read more

de Guzmán

Miguel de Guzmán born in Rio de Janeiro in 1972. He is an architect (ETSAM. 1998) and also architectural photographer. He has been professor in the Graphic Ideation Department at CEU Architecture School and the Photography Department of Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. Since 2008 Imagen Subliminal is the broadcast platform through which he shows his work as photographer and videographer. As an Architec...read more