JESÚS GRANADA. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture

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Jesús Granada, was born forty years ago in Linares (Jaén), Spain. In 1991 entered in the ETS, Architecture School of Seville where I collate studies architecture with my love for drawing, painting and photography.

In 1999, started my professional activity in architectural photography with the technique of optical bench and always custom publishing, architecture studies, companies and public administrations.

Since 1999, had published in over 25 countries and had done custom images for at least thirty monographs and books. Has worked for over 400 architects and my archives is composed 600 Spanish contemporary architecture projects and 30.000 photos.

Had published my works magazines like METALOCUS, Casabella, El Croquis, A+U, Icon, ID New York, Tectónica, AMC, A&V, Lotus, Bauwelt, Taschen, Gustavo Gili, and Electa, including 250 publishers.

Since 1999 photographed in technical camera. Since 2007 worked with Sinar f2 - 10x12 and after on a Linhof 679cs, on a CF39 de Hasselblad and  a optic range of 9 lens focal from 24mm to 250mm made by Rodenstock y Schneider.




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