JESÚS GRANADA. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture.

JESÚS GRANADA. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture.
Fundamentals METALOCUS.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Photography © Jesús Granada.
Today, we got back to the South, Jesus Granada is our fifth presentation of photographers, almost in Ecuador. Currently lives in Sevilla, where he trained as an architect, although he never finished the career dragged through the world of photography.

His work always has been linked to the orders. Since he professionally launched  to the photography he emphasizes that he never works on its own initiative and are all a results of a request.

We have seen, in previous presentations, photographers working composition, the framing of the image, even mental scenery before realized the photograph. Jesús Granada starts his works by spending time to talking, creating a narrative, mental vision of architecture is before the narrative to be photographed building an own imaginary an own imaginary pieces of intent with the architect offers. These initially  conversations, devotes some time and tries to discover new intentions, tracks, dreams and nightmare sometimes some that the architect offer as reference.

When the final image of a building is put into the wrong hands is often the case that after this bet confidence, so grows a good relationship between the photograph and the architect. In that case, Jesús Granada seems almost mandatory. Moving your couch, for what he calls "extractive" stage, the construction of the special narrative for the work, where tell us the most intimate questions for the project, a time where where Jesús also looks for the corporal expression for his guest and sometimes invites them to complete this preamble with the producing designs more


Jesús Granada, was born forty years ago in Linares (Jaén), Spain. In 1991 entered in the ETS, Architecture School of Seville where I collate studies architecture with my love for drawing, painting and photography.

In 1999, started my professional activity in architectural photography with the technique of optical bench and always custom publishing, more