MARIELA APOLLONIO. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture.

MARIELA APOLLONIO. 10 Fundamental Photographers. On site. Architecture.
Fundamentals METALOCUS.
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA.
Estudio Barozzi Veiga, Auditorium and Congress Palace Infanta Doña Elena, 2011. Photography © Mariela Apollonio.
We open today the series of articles dedicated to architecture photographers. The series begins with a woman, Mariela Apollonio, in a predominantly male territory in which women photographers are brilliantly paving their own way.

The selection of images presented in this article is only a small sample of her work. Ten photographs are a small sample and yet give us many clues of her career. Ten black and white images, but one that is marked by three red chairs.

In these images we don't see people, quite the opposite as in some of her other series such as "The Art Circle / El Círculo del Arte" where she reflected on who validate and give validity to a work of art. There we could see the characters portrayed on a small white base, a composition element that demonstrates to what extent Mariela Apollonio carefully plans and prepares the space for her shots.

Some of the images shown here (the castle, the nursery, the cultural centre) feature halfway built architectures in construction - or destruction - process. A vision of time that depends largely on the interpretation of the viewer, an unfinished view of the interior of buildings planned to house the activities and ephemeral lives of its occupants, a vision that might be devastating as well as inspiring.

Her exterior shots also display a different reality, frozen time where landscapes also suggest that same sense of timelessness just as in the disturbing image of the Auditorium and Congress Hall, a vision that is dramatized and intensified through lights and shadows in the Regulatory Council headquarters. more


Mariela Apollonio develops her professional work in the field of architectural photography since 2008 as Fotógrafa de arquitectura. She has been merging her artistic vision with her professional work from the very beginning of her career. This particular approach has influenced her way of understanding architectural photography assuming that this profession defines a way of thinking that sheds some sense more