Nantes Haluchère by Thibaud Babled Architectes Urbanistes

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Thibaud Babled Architects Urbanists Architects.- Thibaud Babled. Project leaders.- Simona Dirvariu.
BET TCE.- SIBAT. BET Acoustics.- Acoustic Agreement (VENATHEC Group). Geotechnical BET.- GEOTEC WEST. Structural work, VRD, plantations.-Demathieu Bard. Exterior carpentry, glass roof, double skin, metal structure, locksmith.- Girard Hervouet. Sealed.- Soprema. Interior carpentry.- Atelier Isac. Technical floor.- Denco. Roof / Dubbing / Partition.- Pinard. Ground.- Rossi. Painting, Signaling.- A2PN Decor. Elevators.- ABH. Electricity.- Snee. Heating / Ventilation / Plumbing / Sanitaryware.- Work platform Anvolia.- Skyaccess.
Project Management
Yves Rolin & Simona Dirvariu
Nantes Métropoles and CIF Group (co-owners)
Headquarters of PELNM, offices for employment center and 37 homes.
Contest.- 2013. Work time.- 21 months. Delivery.- 2018
Building costs
€ 8,500,000 without taxes
5,105 m² Gross area
222 boulevard Jules Verne 44300 Nantes, France

Architectes Urbanistes Thibaud Babled

Thibaud Babled Architectes Urbanistes. After 15 years of shared conceptions within BNR (Babled Nouvet Reynaud Architectes), and some beautiful adventures that allowed us to travel Europe and Hexagon, I chose in 2011 to extend this common path by creating Thibaud Babled Architectes Urbanistes.

Thibaud Babled. After high school in Bayonne and a two-year stint at the architecture school of Toulouse, he is going to try my luck in Italy. Despite several unsuccessful attempts (Erasmus was then a humanist a little forgotten ...), he joins in September 1986 the venerable University Institute of Architecture of Venice where I spend four years, discovering the most secret folds of the lagoon city.

Playing with an insolent luck, He then joins for two years Cairo and Upper Egypt, participating in the work of the team of Christian Leblanc, Egyptologist with a big heart. He shares the daily life of researchers at the Louvre and the CNRS around projects to excavate and preserve monuments as magnificent as the Valley of the Queens or the Ramesseum at Thebes West. Having eaten my white bread, He comes back to Europe and pass the state exam opening the doors opening the doors of the profession. Working for a while in various Parisian architecture agencies (P.L. Faloci, P. Berger, F. Hammoutène, François & Lewis).

He won in 1994 the Europan 3 contest, which will takes place after a long and exciting process in Saintes. At the same time, he is involved in teaching through the architecture schools of Clermont Ferrand and Nancy, before joining Paris La Villette. The architectural firm BNR takes flight and will be the main field of experimentation 2011. Surrounded by a team of ten people, he continues the adventure by founding in 2011 a new agency, ... they are Thibaud Babled Architectes Urbanistes!


Orientation, if it is always accompanied by teamwork, is today naturally more personal, tinged with more intimate experiences.

Trained in the Venetian crucible of the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, under the attentive and critical eye of the great figures of the school (Mr. Tafuri, V. Gregotti, B. Secchi, A. Rossi back), I reminds me of the unforgettable anchoring that this training period gave me with respect to the pleasures of the city and their urban issues.

The agency's approach finds expression sites on various scales, both architectural, urban and landscape. This practice leading to constant back-and-forth between concrete implementation and strategic reflection on the city and its transformations, has been recognized on various occasions: Winner of Europan 3, mention at the Prix de la première de la Moniteur 2002, laureate of the Palmarès Young Urban Planners 2007 testify to the full spectrum of the agency's fields of investigation.

Based in Paris and with a regional office in Bayonne, the agency intervenes in the field of housing, educational and cultural facilities as in the urban project and development.


Babled Nouvet Reynaud Architectes was formed in 1996 after the competition Europan 3 and continued for 15 years working on significant projects on the architectural and urban plan. It has been awarded different prizes that have marked the stages of a gradual maturation.




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