Open city through vertical mobility. Santander Transversal by Manuel Alvarez Diestro

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Artist / Photographer
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Centro Civico Tabacalera. Pl. los Derechos Humanos, s/n, 39008 Santander, Spain.
Until September 25, 2021.
Maria Arantxa Vidal.

Manuel Álvarez Diestro

Manuel Álvarez Diestro. Born in Santander in 1972, is a designer by vocation, although his professional life turns around marketing and communications company. He loves the creativity,  the innovation and the "Branding" of the big brands, which closely follows and learning every day.

His passion rides between art and architecture and its way of expression is the photography. He explores the city with his camera looking urban landscapes to revitalize, through the image, the appreciation of the cities in their various developments. We can see these images in his his latest work "New Cairo", "Pyramids," "Parabolic Facades", "Playgrounds of the world", "Souvenirs de Beyrouth", "Dystopic Songdo" and "Amphitheaters".



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