The staircase as a fundamental element. 59 RUT Row house by Vallribera Arquitectes and BAMMP

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Vallribera Arquitectes and BAMMP. Llorenç Vallribera and Montserrat Garcia.
Architect.- Aleix Gil. Architecture student.- Marc Calvo. Structural engineer.- Miguel Nevado. Quantity surveying.- Xavier Delgado. Structural consulting.- Marina Vilà (Bis Arquitectes).
199.80 sqm.
Design date.- 2012. Construction date.- 2013-2014.
Energy consumption
52.8 KWh/m² per year. EPC rating A
CO2 emissions
10.7 KgCO2/m² per year.
José Hevia
Winner of the 10th annual NAN Architecture and Construction award (2016) in the residential construction category.

Llorenç Vallribera, Aleix Gil. Vallribera Arquitectes

Vallribera Arquitectes is an architecture firm sit in Sabadell. The founding partner is Llorenç Vallribera Farriol. It was estableshed in 2012 and in 2019 Aleix Gil Noray joined as a partner. They focus on the design of both reforms and new works of isolated houses and between party walls. Its objective is to provide each project with beauty and comfort. The success of his trade is the use of energy efficiency, custom design, optimization and cost control as fundamental tools.

They were selected in the Transition category of IX edition of the 2016 Rosa Barba International Paisatge Award, they won the X NAN Architecture and Construction Awards 2016 in the residential construction category and the BUILD Architecture Awards 2018 by Best Residential Architecture Company - Barcelona Most Efficient & Customized Interior Design Company.

Llorenç Vallribera is an architect and founding partner at Vallribera Arquitectes. Handball, music and drawing are the hobbies that take his mind off architecture and design.

Llorenç earned his degree in architecture from the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV, 1995-2003). In 2000, he was awarded an Erasmus scholarship from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) to study at the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT).

From 2000 to 2008 he was a collaborator with different architecture studios, including Espinet Ubach Arquitectes, ONL Arquitectura, and TAC Arquitectes. In 2006, he began developing his own designs, and in 2012 he founded Vallribera Arquitectes.

If he had to choose just one hobby, it would come down to music or handball. Years of training and playing the drums have taught him that learning takes hours of practice and dedication. But what would practice be without the excitement of a concert, and what would training be without the challenge of a game?

Llorenç is detail oriented and a perfectionist. When it comes to his work, he likes things to be resolved and well done. He knows that achieving success takes a mixture of audacity, humility, perseverance and talent. He believes that, in architecture, like when a concert goes well or when you win game, all the effort is worth it when it makes life better in the environments we build.

Aleix Gil is an architect and partner at Vallribera Arquitectes, he loves the mountains and climbing; he is an all-around mountaineer.

Aleix earned his degree in architecture from the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV, 2005-2012). In 2009 he was awarded an Erasmus scholarship from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) to study at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

In 2012, he began working at Vallribera Arquitectes, and through 2014 he also collaborated with MVA Arquitectura i Estructura. In 2015, he put all his efforts into becoming a Lead Designer at Vallribera Arquitectes. Four years later, in 2019, he became a partner at the firm.

Aleix’s first passion is clear: architecture. The second is also clear: the mountains. He likes climbing, downhill skiing, and mountaineering  – activities that have taken him many places, although if you ask him, no doubt he will tell you that his favorite place is Montserrat.

Aleix is a warm, friendly and easygoing person, who only speaks when it is truly necessary. His love for nature and his commitment in the face of a challenge show through in his work, his passions, and how he approaches life every day.

Francisco Bacardit, Jaume Armengol, Josep Malgosa, Joaquim Mompel, Ferran Pont, Mateu Baylina, Montserrat Garcia, Carles Gelis, Xavier Delgado. BAMMP Arquitectos y Asociados

BAMMP Arquitectos y Asociados is an organization of experts in architecture, urban planning and construction. They are based on the combination of a taste for architecture with the criteria of technical effectiveness and construction. Their professional career starts from the 90s, with a greater volume of construction and projected urbanization.

BAMMP was founded in 2002 from the professional studio of Francisco Bacardit, started in 1972, to which Jaume Armengol and Josep Malgosa joined in 1987, Joaquim Mompel 1990 and Ferran Pont in 1993. In 2008 the architects Mateu Baylina, Montserrat Garcia and Carles Gelis and the technical architect Xavier Delgado joined the company. In 2010, the technical architect Montserrat Riera Valenciano de Mendiolaza joined the team.

They have received numerous awards for their works from 1988 to the present. These are some of the latest awards they have obtained: Bonaplata Awards 2014 in Studies Award for the Book "Espais Recobrats", Bonaplata Awards 2015 in Bonaplata Rehabilitation Award for the Recovery of the Can Boada deposit. In 2016 the 7th Vallés Architecture Exhibition in the Ciutat de Terrassa Award for Urban Landscape Improvement 5th Parc Vallparadís Phase and the X NAN Architecture and Construction Awards 2016 ”in the Award Category for the best residential construction project, Bonaplata Awards 2016. Bonaplata Rehabilitation Award in Rehabilitation and interpretation of the Fabra & Coats Hall of Calders.

Francesc Bacardit i Segués is an architect since 1973. He is a Professor of Urban Planning, Spatial Planning since 1993 and a member of the final degree project court of the Barcelona Technical School of Architecture and a visiting professor in the International Master's in Urban Planning at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has worked in building and urban rehabilitation. Specialist in planning, public works and landscaping. His work has been awarded with first prizes within the contests of the Ciutat de Terrassa Architecture Awards, the Biennial of Vallés, the Bonaplata Awards, the Catalonia Awards for Construction and the City of Barcelona Awards for Architecture and Urbanism, and has been a finalist at the FAD Awards.

Jaume Armengol i Clotet is an architect from ETSA del Vallès since 1987. He is a collaborator in the Architectural Constructions department of ETSA del Vallès. He has taken courses from the doctoral and Master's program at the Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona. He is an architect collaborating with the sports department of the Diputaciò de Barcelona and director and coordinator of the rehabilitation course at the Sert school.

Ferran Pont i Montaner is an architect from the ETSA del Vallès since 1993. He is a doctor from the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Barcelona. He has completed a Postgraduate degree in urban management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He is an expert in the study of museum building projects and has experience in housing, cultural facilities and urban management.

Josep Malgosa i Morera is a quantity surveyor from the School of Technical Architecture - Polytechnic University of Catalonia since 1987. He has extensive experience in executive management of works, responsible for health and safety and quality control in urbanization and building works.

Montserrat García i Carceller is an architect from ETSA del Vallés since 2003. She has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainability and Architecture in 2012 and Facility Management in 2013. She has obtained a diploma at the 3rd European Landscape Biennial "Només amb Natura" in 2003 and awards at the Bienal del Vallés in 2009 and Nan Arquitectura Award, Madrid in 2016.

Carles Gelis i Centeno is an architect from ETSA del Vallés since 2003. He has completed a Postgraduate degree in urban planning 4ed.M4 Performances on undeveloped land at Escola Sert.

Xavier Delgado i Ferrer is a quantity surveyor from Elisava, Pompeu Fabra since 2003. He has completed a postgraduate degree in Construction Management in 2003, and a Postgraduate degree in Safety and Health coordination at COAATB between 2004 and 2005. He completed a Master in Project Management (2009-2010) and is a Certified Professor by the Construction Labor Foundation.



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