An inside balcony. House between Balconies by Ágora Arquitectura

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Agora Arquitectura. Lead architects.- Joan Casals Pañella and Jose Luis Cisneros.
Material execution budget.- € 500 / sqm
Blind.- Persiana Barcelona. Brickwork.- Juan Carlos Merelo. Wood.- Wood&Boys SL.

Joan Casals, Jose Luis Cisneros. ÁGORA Arquitectura

ÁGORA, (From the Greek ἀγορά-, is the term for which in Ancient Greece it was known the meeting place par excellence of the cities), since 2014 is a space located in Barcelona where architects Joan Casals Pañella and Jose Luis Cisneros Bardolet meet to meditate together about the architecture project. A profession exercice where resolve the difficult insertion of architecture with its social and physical context becomes a common principle.

Joan Casals Pañella (Barcelona, 1982). Architect in October 2005 by the ESARQ UIC, MTPPA by the ETSAB UPC in July 2010 and PhD in January 2020 by the DPA  of the ETSAB UPC with the thesis: “Poetics in contemporary Catalan architecture: architecture as landscape, landscape as architecture”. Has obtained the general grant of the Education Ministry GRAL09, the research grant FI-DGR 2011 and the support university teachers grant AAD 2013 by AGAUR. Has worked with architects Fermín Vázquez, Juan Trias de Bes and Alfredo Arribas. Has been part of the jury of various national and international architecture competitions. Has been architectural design professor at the ETSAB UPC in the Cátedra Blanca of Carlos Ferrater between 2011-14. Since 2020 is associate professor of the DPA of the ETSAB UPC acredited by AQU as a lecturer professor.

Jose Luis Cisneros Bardolet (Barcelona, 1982). Architect in October 2005 by the School of Architecture of the International University of Catalonia (UIC ESARQ) and Master in Theory and Practice of Architecture (MTTPA) by the school of Architecture of Barcelona of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC ETSAB) in 2011. Has worked with architect Josep Lluís Mateo in his office MAP Architects (2005-2008).
2021 Selected Interior FAD Award 63 Edition.
2020 Finalists Architecture FAD Award 62 Edition.
2020 Mostra d’Arquitectura Catalana de Barcelona Award 3 Edition.
2020 Selected Catalunya Construcció Award 17 Edition.
2020 Selected Enor Architecture Award VIII Edition.
2020 Egurtek Award 5 Edition.
2020 Silver EMPORIA VIII Edition Award.
2019 First Prize Contest of architecture projects for the remodeling of a building of 9 houses in Avilés.
2019 First Prize Contest of architecture projects for the remodeling of Plaça Europa in Santa Oliva.
2019 Opinion Prize Premis d’Arquitectura de les Comarques de Girona 22nd Edition.
2019 Jury Mention Premis d’Arquitectura de les Comarques de Girona 22nd Edition.
2019 Golden EMPORIA 7th Edition Award.
2018 AJAC Award Interior XI Edition Refurbishment.
2016 Finalists Arquia Próxima Award 5th Edition.
2016 Finalists Contest of ideas for the reform and expansion of the Vilanova Yacht Club.
2015 First Prize Restricted competition for the implementation of a Creation Athenaeum in Montcada Street in Barcelona.



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