Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain, 1925-1965

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from Wednesday, 04 June through 7 September 2014
Museo ICO. Calle Zorrilla, 3. 28014 Madrid. Spain


Inaki Bergera (Vitoria, 1972) is an architect, photographer and full professor at the University of Zaragoza. With a scholarship from the Caixa Foundation, he graduated with an extraordinary prize in the Master in Design Studies of Harvard University (2002). 

He has been principal investigator of the project "Photography and modern architecture in Spain" and curator of two exhibitions on the subject at the ICO Museum in Madrid (PHE 2014 and PHE 2016). 

Author and editor of more than twenty books, he has a wide scientific production of articles and international papers. In 2001 he studied photography at the Harvard School of Visual Arts and, since then, has developed a personal photographic work around the relationships between photography, architecture and urban and natural space, captured in several solo exhibitions such as America, urban landscape (2006), A Tale of Two Cities (2008), In the landscape (2010), Twentysix (Abandoned) Gasoline Stations (SCAN Tarragona 2014, PHE 2015 and MUN 2018) and Empty Parking Spaces (2019) and in groups such as La creación del paisaje contemporáneo (DKV-Alcobendas, 2016) or Unfinished (Venice Biennale, 2016).




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