Reinterpretation of a classic colonnade to enter. Beaverbrook Art Gallery Phase 3 Expansion by KPMB

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KPMB - Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects. Architects.- Shirley Blumberg (partner), Matthew Wilson (senior associate), Francesco Valente-Gorjup (associate).
Project team
Jinsu Park, Jonathan Santaguida, Lukas Bergmark, Ramin Yamin, Gerald DesRochers.
Eastern Designers and Company Ltd. (structural engineers), Crandall (mechanical engineers), RSEI Consultants Ltd. (electrical engineers), DotDash (lighting consultant), Entro (signage consultant), JMV Consulting (building science consultant), Aercoustics (acoustical consultant).
836 m² / 9,000 ft².
Completion.- 2022.
New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

Bruce Kuwabara, Marianne McKenna, Shirley Blumberg. KPMB Architects

KPMB Architects. Established in 1987, KPMB is an internationally recognized architectural practice based in Canada. Their wide-ranging work has earned over 400 respected awards, including 18 Governor General’s Medals, Canada’s highest honour. Their founding partners, Bruce Kuwabara, Marianne McKenna and Shirley Blumberg, have all received the Order of Canada for their personal achievements and for KPMB’s collective contributions to improving people’s lives through the built environment. In 2021, they expanded their team, including the appointment of seven new partners: Kevin Bridgman, Steven Casey, Phyllis Crawford, Andrew Dyke, Mitchell Hall, Paulo Rocha and Bruno Weber.

The firm's 150 professionals form interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative and regenerative project solutions that meet client needs and address the major challenges of our time. Guided by its vision and anchored in its values, the firm is committed to shaping a more equitable and sustainable future through architecture and design.



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