Silvia García Caballero. Woman Photographer

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Silvia García Caballero

Silvia García Caballero. She lives in Madrid, although her origins are in the Basque Country. She graduated in Industrial Technical Engineering in 2006 from the University of the Basque Country, in addition to graduating in a Master in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction at the School of Architecture of San Sebastian.

For more than 10 years She has worked as an Engineer designing facilities for architects and construction companies. She knows the inside of buildings, everything that is not seen, and that's why She thinks She understand what you see so well. She is passionate about architecture and that passion She tries to transmit in the photos she does. Photography has been by she side, in this way, focusing on what She developed as an engineer and the plans did not let shee see. After all that time and after winning several photography competitions and receiving various assignments, in 2016 she decided to put aside my engineering work to dedicate herself fully to her great passion: architecture photography.



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