Before the Threshold by Clemente Bernad photographer

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Jorge Moreno Andrés
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Museo Reina Sofía, online exhibition, April 2020
Tuesday 21 April - 6pm / Videoconference link available soon Online conversation between Clemente Bernad and Jorge Moreno Andrés.

Clemente Bernad

Clemente Bernad. Born, May 7, 1963, Pamplona, Spain. He holds a degree in Fine Arts, specialising in Photography, Film and Video, from Universitat de Barcelona (UCB), and a diploma in Advanced Sociology Studies from the Public University of Navarre (UPNA), and has worked as a photographer and documentary film-maker since 1986, focusing on social issues and politics in the cultural context surrounding him.

His work includes the photography series Jornaleros (1987-1992), Mujeres sin tierra (1994), Pobres de nosotros (1995), Canopus (2001), the book and documentary El sueño de Malika (2004), Basque chronicles (1987-2015), on political conflict in the Basque Country, and Donde habita el recuerdo (2003–in progress), on the exhumations of mass graves from the Spanish Civil War, including the documentaries Morir de sueños and A sus muertos.

Currently, his output revolves around the present socio-political situation as an independent professional, in the broadest sense.



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