"Time" for women. Spaces for female architects

"Time" for women. Spaces for female architects
Roca Madrid Gallery [MAD] Spain
"Time" for women. Spaces for female architects. Poster
The night finished with pleasant conversations and some drinks. An atmosphere of tremendous positivity was perceived in the "Talk Room" of Roca Madrid Gallery, the organizer of the event, after completing the fourth and final meeting of "Spaces for Female Architects", the cycle of talks curated by Ariadna Cantis and Martha Thorne. It has been over five months since the first meeting on "The State of Art". This night was the turn of the "Conclusions".

Although it was not a conclusive meeting; its goal was to leave doors open and show the different ways that individually and collectively we should continue walking towards equity, an issue that is not exclusive of architecture. The issues addressed in the four sessions are part of a back and forth process, and should be in a constant review of the causes that led us to intense debates about the scarce visibility of women in architecture.

However, the speakers at the fourth meeting, Belinda Tato (Ecosistema Urbano), Izaskun Chinchilla, Reyes Gallegos (La Ciudad Viva) and Eva Álvarez (Álvarez Gómez + Architects), are four women who, because of their talent, have high visibility in the circle of architecture. This is the manifestation that woman is gradually covering territory in the profession through an excellent work that does not distinguish gender. Each one, briefly presented a small part of her work. Belinda Tato: the Master Plan for the Historic Center of Asunción. Izaskun Chinchilla: the "Crowdfunding Organic Growth" project for New York. read more