Underwater office. Club Med Office in Shanghai by 100architects

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100architects. Lead Architects.- Javier Gonzalez Rivero, Marcial Jesus
Product Designer
Diego Fuertes
Club Med
1550.0 m²
Bund Finance Center, 600 Zhongshan No.2 Road East, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
Project Year.- 2017

Marcial Jesús, Madalena Ventas, Pablo Juica 100architects

100architects is an online-based architecture studio that operates by means of hyper-connectivity, constantly broadcasting public ideas for developing cities.

100architects was founded in January of 2013 in Shanghai, China by the architect Marcial Jesus (Chile) who soon invited Madalena Sales (Portugal) and Pablo Juica (Chile) to participate as the main co-founders.

The main offices are located in Shanghai (China) and Santiago (Chile), however we experience high mobility; 100architects is not permanently attached to a specific ground.

The practice develops Exposed Architecture: Highly proprioceptive, designed for public interaction; a typology of architecture to be openly used from the exterior by the masses. Exposed Architecture aims to offer experiences and to encourage the production of social dynamics.

The studio pursues innovation by 3 main core functions: Design-100architects is a design studio; Broadcasting- 100architects is constantly broadcasting public ideas and remarkable works worth spreading through its channels and Endorsing-100architects is a research-focused practice.

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