WRINKLES OF THE CITY, Istanbul by JR, from Paris to Middle East

WRINKLES OF THE CITY, Istanbul by JR, from Paris to Middle East
[Istanbul] Turkey vs [Paris] France + [Doha] Qatar 31.03 > 31.05.2017
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JR, The Wrinkles of the City, Kadir an, Turkey (2015)
Prolific French artist JR, best-known for his giant art works on city walls, gets his first major retrospective in the Middle East with an exhibition opening at QM Gallery Katara in Doha (9 March-31 May 2017) and other in Perrotin Gallery, Paris.
JR's work is a combination of art and committed actions through large outdoor installations, films, photographs and videos, using the urban landscape as his canvas and his inspiration, according him on "the most biggest art gallery in the world."

2 Exhibitions

Perrotin gallery, Paris, is happy to present from March 16 to  May  13,  2017  the  screening  of  “WRINKLES of The CITY Istanbul”, a movie by Guillaume Cagniard on JR’s project. The artworks made within the project will be exhibited beside the screening.

The exhibition in Doha - of this “Pervasive Art” is spread on uninvited buildings and slums around the world, features videos and photographies of JR’s most famous public works such as Women Are Heroes (2008), for which he pasted portraits of women from conflict zones on to street walls; Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (2016)...read more

Courtesy Galerie Perrotin


JR was born in France in 1983 and currently works in Paris and New York. He exhibits freely in public sites in cities around world. His work mixes Art and Act, talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit. After finding a camera in the Paris metro in 2001, he traveled Europe to meet those who express themselves on walls and facades, and pasted their portraits in the streets, underg...read more