A new Landscape for the New Hydropower Plant Hagneck in Switzerland

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Raymond Vogel Landschaften AG
Raymond Vogel Landschaften AG Zurich, with Penzel Valier AG Zurich, architects and engineers; Peter Steiger Rodersdorf, ecological consulting; Dr. Arthur Kirchhofer, WFN AG Bern, fish biology.
Bielersee Kraftwerke AG c/o BKW Energie AG, Hydraulische Kraftwerke Viktoriaplatz 2, 3000 Bern, Thomas Richli, Project Manager
Contract resulting from project competition 2010, 1st prize landscape design, near-natural bypass waterways, renaturation tailwater to the floodplain, terrain modeling and vegetation.
2010 design plan in cooperation with assessment of environmental effects 1 & 2, 2011 construction project and public announcement, 2012 - 13 execution plans, from 2013 on design construction management.
American Architecture Prize 2016 / Award for Marketing and Architecture 2016 / Landscape of the Year 2017 from the Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation / Umsicht Regards Sguardi 2017 from the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects SIA.

Landschaften AG Raymond Vogel

Raymond Vogel Landschaften AG, Zürich/Switzerland. For 15 years now, Raymond Vogel Landschaften has been designing and realizing landscape architecture projects in all different sizes and complexities. Among the projects are the Erlenmattpark in Basel (which is a Gold Winner at AAP 2016), urban planing, public gardens and environments for schools, housing complexes and private residences.

A main focus of Raymond Vogel’s work is the inter-dependency between human beings and their environments. One aim of his work is to create sustainable living spaces with a high quality of life for humans and for nature.




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