Charles Jencks, historian of post-modern architecture and landscape designer, dies aged 80

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Charles Jencks

Charles Alexander Jencks (Born in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 21, 1939 – London, 13 October 2019) was an American cultural theorist, landscape designer, architectural critic and historian, and co-founder of the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres. He published over thirty books and became famous in the 1980s as theorist of Postmodernism. His best-selling books include The Language of Post-Modern Architecture, Adhocism, The Architecture of the Jumping Universe and The Architecture of Hope (on Maggie’s Centres). Scotland is home to several of his most exciting landscapes including The Garden of Cosmic Speculation and Jupiter Artland, outside Edinburgh, where the ad hoc sculpture Metaphysical Landscapes was exhibited 2011. His most recent project The Crawick Multiverse, 2015, commissioned by the Duke of Buccleuch, culminates annually in a three day festival of performance art and public debates with the world leading cosmologists and scientists.



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