COCO DÁVEZ, Illustrator

COCO DÁVEZ, Illustrator
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metalocus, LAURA CANTO
COCO DÁVEZ (Self-portrait). Illustration © Coco Dávez
She presents herself as "I'm not a cliche" and is that covers of Metropoli and MAGAZINE of Coco Dávez are becoming fairly commented. Invited to art&culture festival Mulafest which it takes place these days [27,28 and 29] in Madrid, enthusiasm and desire is not lacking to this young-age illustrator, something very important and necessary for any freelance artist who aims to break into the crowded world of lllustration.

In her pictures portrays characters, famous and anonymous people, who have some of "real" for her. In her drawings she always starts from a base in pencil and finishes applying the color through techniques such us watercolor, acrylic and some software illustration art.

Since she was a child, tells that she has always imagined stories, which has been embodied in a form of comic on sketchbooks. She has never been complicit in the vignettes, unless they were Garfield, Mafalda or Tintin...but outside of her three heroes, she hated the comics.

Coco also said that she could understand toward where to direct her steps, after the encouraging words of her father: "In this life ... do what you really want to do, and be what you really want to be, that anything stops you.

"She feels proud of her parents and family, who instilled in her from a this idea since very little "Do what you really want to do, but do it! Be brave!".



Coco Dávez born in 1989 in Madrid. Passionate about illustration, photography and decoration, at the very young age of 23 she has made herself a spot within the ilustration market. Two years ago she presented her blog ‘I’m not a cliché’ where she showed an imaginary world full of pintoresque characters. Colaborating with Metrópoli And Magazine, she has worked with artistic platforms such more