SARA HERRANZ, Illustrator

SARA HERRANZ, Illustrator
[VIDEO] of Sara Herranz. "Micro-stories"
metalocus, LAURA CANTO
Don't worry I will kill zombies for you. Illustration © Sara Herranz.
She has found her way, after being a little adrift, she says as honestly as possible. Despite the difficulty of these bad times, she is no longer concerned about not knowing where to go. What makes her think that way is the acknowledgment of the people who follows her, and she finds inspiration to fiction-film sequences, fragments of novels, attempting to link them with her life, her lovers,...

The illustrations, by Sara Herranz, are of clean and simple lines are accompanied of "micro-stories" which excel for subtlety which with she make up the few thirty words that contains them. Her work is poignant and terribly honest. All to capture daily scenes scenes in which homesickness, irony, love and heartbreak are always present.

She has a predilection for female bodies, for classic film heroines as Lauren Bacal or Louise Brooks. The style and eroticism of Guido Crepax comics she loves, too. As for the texts, maybe she draws from some Bukowski or Carver's short stories.




Sara Herranz born in Tenerife and graduated in Communication studies, after an identity crisis decided to consider more seriously her hobby and began to draw. This is also how her blog, a small and very personal diary starts to having success almost at once. Due to online success of her personal offline work arise her first projects, collaborations and commissions, among which the cover more