ERIC PETERSEN, Illustrator

ERIC PETERSEN, Illustrator
Olympia [Washington] USA
We Cause Accidents, 2013. Illustration © Eric Petersen. Courtesy of Eric Petersen
METALOCUS goes a step further, opening a new section ILLUSTRATION: we felt the moment to classify the scattered contents and open a new CATEGORY should come. There are many the reasons that lead us to think illustrators deserve their rightful place, a place where proposals are tackled and focuses on these sort of brilliant works often close to the forms of expression of architects, other thematic reference and most of the time because of its obvious intrinsic value.

And after the happy opening of section with "COCO DÁVEZ, Illustrator", now Eric Petersen is our last proposal. This American illustrator draw as the authors of the comics of the 40s did, the merit lies in his ability to give them a personal style and not fall into "clichés" that reproduce vintage style to follow the trend of the commercial industry.

Conceived using uniform lines drawn on the computer, his characters are featured without facial expression and with blank eyes, erasing all their humanity. Creating images of random thoughts, his compositions are stripped of detail, leading the viewer to experience a frame of mind, different in each case. His illustrations arising from the use of forced perspective and a complementary color like an antique photograph.

In words of Eric: "Color has become increasingly more important to me in my latest work. I am trying to create an emotional connection through an emotionless technical illustration style".


Eric Petersen is an illustrator based in Olympia, Washington, U.S.A. His style is influenced by instructional graphics and the look of vintage comics of the 1940s. He draws uniform lines on a computer to strip away some of the human element and expressive quality seen in non-digital work. He uses perspective and unnatural colors to set up a voyeuristic feeling and create an unsettling more