metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Cover for The New Yorker magazine. Illustration © Luci Gutierrez. Courtesy of Luci Gutierrez
Metalocus raises some questions to the Catalan illustrator Luci Gutierrez, after being cover of the magazine The New Yorker, we want to know more about the -who, how and why-, of her history and which has led to promote her work, of icons, bullets and headers, to stardom of editorial illustration.

- From your stay in 2007 in New York your relationship with publications like The New Yorker, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Forbes and Harvard Business Review, has been constant. Have you somehow influenced the Big Apple on your way of drawing?

Not the fact of working for U.S. publications, as I do not organize my work differently according to from who arrives from, but yes the stay in New York indeed. During those months I had occasion to do pretty drawing-work on my sketchbook notebook in the streets. At that time I was already an assiduous "cartoonist on sketchbook", but basically amateur at home. By then I had traveled very little and there all amazed me and it made me feel like drawing. The act of drawing from life, I think it started to influence a lot on me. Came at the time where I had the feeling I my work was at a standstill and it opened  to me a pathway. Indeed, back in Barcelona, I was working on a book based on drawings of New York sketchbook. If things do not go wrong, it will be published this year.

- Artists such Robinson drew New York, with his vision "X-ray" as he mentioned in the book "New York line by line" of publisher Electa. In the brochure for BOL, you have drawn the city of New York, but architecture more


Luci Gutiérrez (Barcelona, 1977) is a a freelance illustrator. Since finishing his studies at  illustration school La Massana, Barcelona in 2001, she has worked in media advertising, press and edition and spare time has served as co-editor of Garabattage, editorial specialized in illustration. In recent years his field of work has been openened to editorial illustration. After an more