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Luci Gutiérrez (Barcelona, 1977) is a a freelance illustrator. Since finishing his studies at  illustration school La Massana, Barcelona in 2001, she has worked in media advertising, press and edition and spare time has served as co-editor of Garabattage, editorial specialized in illustration. In recent years his field of work has been openened to editorial illustration. After an incursion into erotic illustration, she has collaborated with the Italian editorial Orecchio Acerbo.

In 2007 she lived in New York for a while and since then she is also working assiduously to the North American press. And from the role she has made the leap to digital press, where her icons, bullets and headers for the users control panel for the online edition of The New York Times are highlighted. She has also made illustrations for the Pandora Rebato's stories in the blog "La Cama de Pandora", from El MUndo. Recently, the Society of Illustrators has selected its congress poster Generate Bodies (Univ. Autónoma, Barcelona, 2010) for the American Illustrators 54.

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