Lizzie Mary Cullen, Illustrator

Lizzie Mary Cullen, Illustrator
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Tower Bridge, London. Illustration © Lizzie Mary Cullen
It makes very easy to find the hometown of the author that we present, Lizzie Mary Cullen. This is just one of her many series of drawings entitled "London Psycho-geographies," which led her to exhibit internationally on the spot, in London, New York and Paris. In these scenes she recreates London in drawings transformed with a custom style, under her drawings one could say hides a creative natural feeling and technical entrenched that encourage her to evolving and working very hard to continue production.

Her elaborate artwork opens a window towards a world of fluid geometry, swirls and patterns, familiar landscapes that are nevertheless in a different dimension.

Cullen's doodle art has attracted the attention of many leading brands, including the BBC, MTV and Harvey Nichols.

It sounds simple enough, but her drawings show a singular eye for detail many might miss. London’s Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Brooklyn Bridge in New York, all are instantly recognizable scenes.

"It’s all about capturing the feel of the place - a way of exploring the city". This is how Lizzie describes the psychogeographical principles than define her illustration.




Lizzie Mary Cullen is an illustrator-artist based in London. Graduated from Goldsmiths in 2008, Lizzie's pen and ink drawings have been exhibited internationally in London, New York and Paris and she has been published in the medio on BBC, Huffington Post, The Independent, Glamour, WIRED.

Her clients include Zizzi, MTV, Harvey Nichols, HTC, first direct, more