Continuous Plate House 2.0, a new renovation by Ryumei Fujiki and Yukiko Sato / F.A.D.S

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F.A.D.S. Architects.- Ryumei Fujiki, Yukiko Sato.
Second renovation
The kitchen area is covered with spruce CLT panels (made in Austria).
Site area 600.20m². Building area 162.92m². Total floor area 247.00 m².
First built in March 2001, first renovation solar roof 2011, second renovation was completed in August 2019.
Fukui-city, Fukui Pref., Japan.
Hiroshi Ueda, Takeshi Taira.

Ryumei Fujiki, Yukiko Sato. F.A.D.S

F.A.D.S is a Japanese architecture firm founded by Ryumei Fujiki in 1991. Now, it is led by Ryumei Fujiki and Yukiko Sato.

Yukiko Sato. Graduated from Department of Housing and Architecture, Japan Women’s University in 1989. Worked at Sakakura Associates Architects and Engineers from 1989 till 1999. Became a co-partner of F.A.D.S from 2000. Took up a lecturer position at Department of Architecture at School of Science and Technology, Meiji University from 2001 to 2004. She is teaching at Department of Housing and Architecture, Japan Women’s University since 2012.

Ryumei (Takaaki) Fujiki. Graduated from Architecture Department under Faculty of Engineering at University of Fukui in 1982. Completed master course at graduate school of University of Tokyo in 1984. Worked at Sakakura Associates ArchitectsArchitects and Engineers from 1984 till 1990. Established his own architectural practice, F.A.D.S in 1991. Completed PhD at the graduate school of University of Tokyo in 1994.

He appointed as associate professor at Faculty of Engineering at Kogakuin University in 2001 while having taken up a researcher position at Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo in 2009. Currently works as a professor of Architectural Design, Department of Architecture at Kogakuin University.




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