Conversion of Furniture House into Czech Radio Olomouc by Atelier 38

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Atelier 38. Architects.- Tomáš Bindr, Martin Struhala, Hana Staňková, Pavel Malček.
Statics.- Marpo [Radan Sležka, Martin Sležka].
Building / room acoustics.- AVT Group [Martin Vondrášek / Karel Motl].
Electrical engineering.- Elektro projekce [Ondřej Křemen, Hana Matušková].
HVC.- Atelier 38 [Lukáš Onderka].
Ventilation and cooling system.- Mario Design [Marek Nos].
HVAC.- CM Projekt [Marek Cabal].
Fire-resistance.- JaK-Fire [Jaroslav Kutač].
Metering and regulation.- Petr Pawlas.
Area / Dimensions
Built-up Area.- 642 m².
Usable Floor Area.- 2,270 m².
Plot size.- 642 m².
Dimensions.- 12,324 m³.
Project year.- 2019-2020.
Completion year.- 2022.
Pavelčákova 2/19, Olomouc, Czech Republic.
Construcción.- 2.760.000€. Interiores.- 240.000€.
Skylight.- ALUPROF.
Glass partitions.- LIKO-S.
Acoustic walls and ceilings.- AVT Group.
Xurtains.- Gerriets CZ.
Vinyl.- Forbo.

Atelier 38

Atelier 38 is an architectural and design studio based in Ostrava, in Czech Republic. In 2000, a loose association Atelier 38 transformed itself into the existing limited liability company.  Vladimír Milata is the Executive Director and Business Director.

They focus on teamwork, realization of contracts using both classic and alternative technologies, continuous education and development in state-of-the-art procedures and trends in our field of expertise including respecting the ecological aspects. They cooperate with a number of experts in technical infrastructure design, technical provisions of constructions, statics and others.
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