"House behind the wall" by Mjölk architects

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Michal Hejzlar, Mjölk. Jan Nikendey, Mjölk.
Michaela Turková, Stanislav Turek.
Project size.- 271,5 m². Site size.- 1147 m².
Project year.- 2014. Completion year.- 2018.
Photography Fotografía
Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice

Jan Mach, Jan Vondrák. Mjölk

Mjölk architects. (Jan Mach, Jan Vondrák) After finishing their studies at Liberec, Faculty of Arts and Architecture, they founded the architecture studio The Mjölk architects. After several years, this studio has become a well-known architectural firm. Its architectural style is characterized by conceptual simplicity, veracity and youthful joy.

They not only cooperate with private investors, but also with some municipalities. They organize the Kino Liberec film festival and a series of races called Divočina. With the exception of the colorful portfolio of projects, they spread their activities teaching in Liberec, and participating in Czech and international workshops and conferences.

Jan Mach (1981, Melnik). Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Technical University of Liberec.

Jan Vondrák (1981, Pribram) Faculty of Arts and Architecture, Technical University of Liberec.



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