D'Arcy Jones Architecture names recipient of 2017 Emerging Architectural Practice Award

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Architecture (DJA) D'Arcy Jones

D'Arcy Jones Architecture (DJA) is a Vancouver BC studio practice.  The studio has earned a reputation for invention and excellence. Current projects include modern houses, multifamily buildings, art galleries, small and large renovations, and interiors.

Our work has been widely published in print and online.  Most recently our projects have been featured in Dwell, Hauser, and Canadian Architect.  DJA have won many awards.  Most recently the practice won a 2016 Vancouver Urban Design Award.  In 2014 D'Arcy Jones was awarded the Ronald J. Thom Award for Early Design Achievement from the Canada Council for the Arts. Past honours include the inaugural Arthur Erickson Award for Excellence in Architecture, and two Canadian Architect Awards.

Creating modern architecture is similar to writing the recipe for a satisfying meal or composing the music for a moving song.  Our clients aren't the type of people who want to eat the same flavour or listen to the same tune every day.  They also want their architecture to be unique, offering variety and relief from the status quo.  Since an artful building also has to be a shelter and a background for human life, architectural delight and inspiration have to play well with architectural quietness and function.  We specialize in combining both, to build innovative and timeless design. 

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