Do almost anything. Bullit Cyclery by Hugo Mompó

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Hugo Mompó
110 sqm
Bullit Motorcycles
C/ Burriana 14. Valencia (Spain)
First Price Colegio de Arquitectos de la comunidad Valenciana (COACV) 2015.


Hugo Mompó is Architect and Team manager at Hugo Mompó Architecture, with office based in Valencia (Spain) and in Baden Württemberg (Germany). His work is developed within the fields of architecture, urban and landscape and interior design, for which he has received several awards, published his work and lectured. Architect entitled by E.T.S. Architecture of Valencia, awarded with the extraordinary prize for the final academic thesis, his professional experience has been developed within many national and international studios with a continuous participation in multidisciplinary teams and working on a different range of projects. He has extensive experience with public and private sectors in collaboration with the Studio of Eduardo de Miguel Arbonés, taking part too, as a team collaborator with Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW). The Research in the field of architecture and design complete his work as an architect continuing his Ph. D. thesis at the Architecture Project Department in Valencia, where he obtained the architectural fellowship and completed the research work at the Bauhaus archives in Berlin.



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