Dwelling, BOX 117

Dwelling, BOX 117
By Marc Benjamin Drewes and Thomas Schneider. [BER] Germany
metalocus, JUAN SOLERA.
Box 117, por Marc Benjamin Drewes y Thomas Schneider. Fotografía © Christoph Rokitta.
Box 117 is a simple house where architects have aimed to combine the neutral surface of the walls with other more vivid patterns to characterize the different zones of continuous space that can be generated between the facades.

Memory of project

A couple with two little kids moved into this loft in a Berlin backyard.

A continuous space for a kitchen, living area and sleeping area for the parents surrounds two boxes in which you find the children‘s room and the bathroom. This open layout creates the loft character of the space. The children are sleeping in a niche above a litte storage next to the children‘s room. That way one takes advantage of the clear height of 3,4 m to create more living area. The sleeping area of the parents can be closed with a room-high sliding door. If the door is open it disappears behind the bathroom-box.

The oak parquet and the cement tiles on the floor are creating a basis full of character for the simple boxes with a limewash coat. A shadow gap all around separates these boxes from the existing elements of the space and all doors are flush with the wall to accentuate the simple form. The raw concrete ceilings are preserving the industrial character. Partly old with a wooden pattern, partly new with a smooth surface the ceiling is telling something about the history of the space.

Text.- Marc Benjamin Drewes and Thomas Schneider.


Thomas Burlon, born Schneider, was trained as an architect at the TU Dresden and the RWTH Aachen. He initially worked together with BeL in Cologne, and since 2010 has managed the Brandlhuber + Emde, Burlon office in Berlin. His areas include the rehabilitation and re-programming of built structures, the revaluation of urban spatial neighbourhoods and the investigation of usage-neutral typ...read more


Marc Benjamin Drewes. 1998 – 2005, architectural studies RWTH Aachen und TU Delft, The Netherlands. 2003 assistant designer MVRDV, Rotterdam, The Netherlands2006 – 2008 projectleader E2A, Zürich, Switzerland. 2009 – 2012 projectleader Raumzeit, Berlin. Since 2012 office in Berlin. Since 2011 scientific staff member Technical University Berlin.