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​Oriol Bohigas

Oriol Bohigas (Barcelona, ​​1925) at the end of his studies in 1951, leads the recovery of modernity silenced by the immediate post-war Franco through his involvement in the birth of Group R. A first stage of which highlights its intense and fruitful exchange with pioneering initiatives such as the reconstruction of the German pavilion of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona (1955).

The 1960s are those of its consolidation as cultural agitator of the architectural reality of the moment. His active collaboration in the magazine Serra d'Or has bequeathed us the origin of a 'realistic architecture' that will be the ideological future of the School of Barcelona, ​​a term he baptized in 1969. As a founding member of the publishing house Edicions 62, Arquitectures Bis (1974-1985), president of the Miró Foundation (1981-1988) and of the Barcelona Athenaeum (2003-2011) and Academician of the Royal Academy of San Fernando, is an intellectual biography drawn from the world of books and The written press.



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