Freeing up space. inStone by Atelier DRK

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Design team
Main Architect.- Diogo Almeida.
90 sqm.
Guarda, District of Guarda, Beiras and Serra Da Estrela, Portugal.

Atelier DRK

The Atelier DRK Studio, founded in 2009, has been testing ideas, researching, and growing in the field of architecture. Ensuring interpersonal relationships with clients, partners, and suppliers, is through a confrontation of ideas and thoughts from different areas, which seeks to ensure the best solution for each case presented. They believe in the power of the experience that elevates the banal to the poetic and every day to the sublime. Their work seeks the creation of experiences through the elements, and thus with themselves.

Its mission is based on the creation of "architectural pieces", specialized in housing, services, and mixed-use architecture, is in reconstruction and renovation. Fighting for sustainability and cultural values, they are not looking for 'fashions' but what is supposed to be timeless quality.

It's not just a matter of thinking outside the box, they have to try, try, and try again. They feel the need to put everything we have into each new project and they do not seek approval, they seek perfection. They try to be brave enough to edit rather than keep adding and above all they are never afraid to push the boundaries because that is the only way to achieve such cumulative simplicity, lightness, and excellence that they once seemed unattainable, but now so widely admired.



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