Frontalismos, an exhibition by Gabriel Asdrúbal

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Cruz Contemporary Art. Don Ramon de la Cruz, 15. Ground floor
March 16th to April 14th, 2016

Gabriel Asdrúbal Martín García

Gabriel Asdrúbal Martín García, born in 1983 in Madrid, started in the world of photography self-taught. From 2006, in his years in Italy, he began to understand the patience and beauty of photography, in a great way, due to everything around him and the precious life experiences.

Regarding training, he studied at the Nuestra Señora del Pilar school and after his passing fleeting by the Superior Technical School of Naval Engineers of Madrid, channeled his tastes in Interior Architecture, at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid.

He has worked and collaborated in Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese and Norwegians architecture firms (ELESTUDIO, AN, Traurnfabrik, Caputo, Stefano Cellerino, lsozaki, AMPS, Frederic Lünd), learning very different values ​​from each way of working and its various colleagues from many parts of the world. From 2009 to 2012 he enjoyed with his friend Alejandro Bustillo, 22p4, his own art and architecture workshop. Since 2013, in the workplace he lives and sees the situations, as "Gabriel Asdrúbal Martín García", like himself, trying to get the best out of everything and collaborating with great people like Camila Kuncar.



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