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Structure.- Conception service consulting.
Façade.- Façade 2000.
Light specialist.- Gilles Richard.
Interior decoration.- Ibis.- Agence Blanchet d’Istria / Pullman.- Christophe Pillet.
Eiffage Construction Val de Seine.
25,000 sqm.
Roissypole, France.
Christophe Valtin.

Pierre Clément, Abbès Tahir, Andrew Hobson, Jérôme Le Gall. ARTE CHARPENTIER ARCHITECTS

Arte Charpentier is an architecture firm based in Paris, Lyon and Shanghai.

Pierre Clément. Associate Architect & Urbanist, Chairman. He is Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite. Architect, urban planner, author and collaborator of numerous books, and professor at the Paris Belleville School of Architecture.

Abbès Tahir graduated with honours from the Paris Villemin school of architecture in 1991 with a request for publication on his theme of verticality in urban centres. He completed his training, by developing his expertise with a number of large construction groups. His passion for metal and glass architecture led him to participate in international consultations. He joined Arte Charpentier in 1991. Since joining the firm, he has conveyed his professional values: architecture to serve mankind, combining technical experimentation and the contextual environment. He has actively participated in large-scale projects for public facilities, for example by designing the Saint-Lazare station (Meteor) of metro line 14. He also designed the Saint-Lazare "lens" used to access the station on Court de Rome, in Paris. His design won the Eurotunnel passenger terminal competition at Coquelles. He managed the territorial coherency master plan for the Bay of Algiers project in Algeria. He was responsible for the design and construction of the El-Ali complex in Setif. In Touba, Senegal, he headed the design team for the Serigne Fallou estate (population of 25,000 over 300ha). He designed street furniture for Century Avenue, in Shanghai,  China. In May 2010, he became Deputy CEO and manages the firm development on national and international levels.

Andrew Hobson trained at the Architectural Association in London and has an international record of achievement on a wide range of complex architectural projects, notably the Musée d’Orsay and the Arsenal Pavilion. Andrew joined Arte Charpentier in 1987 and has participated in a number of international and national tender applications. He is responsible for a number of successful projects, including the Shanghai Grand Theatre (Gold Medal of Architecture), the Meridian hotel in Noumea, and Central Square in Pudong. Appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2010 and Project Director, he is one of the agency's leading design architects. Andrew is responsible for architectural respect, quality of concept, conformity to the programme, as well as resource management, cost control, and the objectives of the firm’s most prestigious projects. He is also the driving force behind the agency’s international development, represented by the creation of an agency branch in Shanghai and frequent collaborative projects with renowned international agencies in France and abroad (Sir Norman Foster, Faulkner Browns, HOK, etc.).

Jérôme Le Gall trained at the architecture schools of both Paris La Seine and Columbia University in New York. During his first years of experience, he acquired great expertise in his field. He designs and oversees projects for campuses, head offices for large companies, and the rehabilitation of buildings for industrial heritage sites. In May 2010, he was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer. He first joined Arte Charpentier in 1987, participating in a number of successful tenders, including that of the "Dome" in Roissy – a street covered with a canopy, the first of its kind in France – and the Renault site in Boulogne. In 1996, he became a Partner in the firm. From design to delivery, he has supervised complex tertiary projects in historic urban sites for EDF Montpellier (head office of the Languedoc Roussillon Energy Unit). He has completed detailed studies for complex office projects in Montrouge, La Défense in the Triangle de l'Arche district, and in Vélizy. He has specific expertise in the design and construction of campuses of various sizes (Dassault-Systèmes, Véolia Environnement, the Oxygène tower, CDC Ixis head office, Cégédim head office, the Palatin I, II and III buildings, Praetorium, Portes de France, MP3, etc.). As head of the agency's "housing" team, he has designed projects in Paris for RIVP, a neighbourhood of 800 homes in Cavaillon, an apartment building in Lyon in the Buire commercial district and several buildings in Asnières and Eiffage for hotels and student residences. He has also worked for investors on major renovation projects in Paris to upgrade housing estates in historic sites (Richelieu, Vivienne, Ville l’Evêque, rue Joubert, an office building project built on the Eole Condorcet station in Paris). Jérôme is also a member of the French architecture academy. He gives conferences at the Ecole Polytechnique Féminine, at the Organisme de l'Acier on the subject of metal structured construction, at Ecole Centrale Paris and at Mipim.



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